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    Soldering External A Button?

    large color screen :)
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    Soldering External A Button?

    As you may have read in another thread, I am using my GP32 in my car. The problem is, the best place to put it is a bit out of my reach; I'd have to lean over (at this point, I can't see the road ;) ) and press the button I want. I came up with a solution, however. I'll make a little control...
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    Lowest Temperature A Gp32 Can Tolerate?

    Hey guys, it's been a while. I've been thinking about putting my GP32 in my car as a music player, since it's been collecting dust lately ( :( ) but there is one thing I'm worried about. My location. You see, I live in good ol' Minnesota, where the temperature can be as low as -20F (-29C)...
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    why did they delete it? It wasn't one of the people you've talked with in the past, was it?
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    Which Type Of Gp32?

    I suppose, though if you really want a BLU, you could go on ebay and (probably) get one.
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    Which Type Of Gp32?

    ya, IMO. I'd like to know why those that chose BLU+ didn't choose BLU instead. Is it cheaper, and doesn't really matter since most programs are fixed or something like that? oh, and BLU :)
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    Gp Theatre Has Returned

    lol, I didn't know you were either, though I don't post a whole lot. Nin is here, too, but he's been gone lately. (here and there) do you have a gamepark? For those that are wondering what the heck we are talking about, I know this guy from :)
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    Gp Theatre Has Returned

    I'm pretty sure that the movies have been released into public domain. Also, the files are copying now, but it'll be a few hours
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    Gp Theatre Has Returned

    Can you tell me what kind of videos you are talking about? I also run that site, if you didn't know that (haven't done much lately... ahem)
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    Ebay Scam??

    Not really. All checks they send are counterfeit.
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    Geekiest Thing You've Done Lately

    For me, I'd have to say it's too things: Making a MAME cabinet and making (at least, trying to make ;) ) my own website in PHP.
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    Hitchhiker's Guide To The Galaxy Movie

    I saw the movie about a week ago, and absolutely loved it. It was really funny, and had very interesting ideas (some absurd, some almost seem possible) I love that part when they kept on getting slapped by those shovel things whenever someone had an idea, that was awesome! Now I just gotta...
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    Using Slax Linux, First Time Using Linux.

    FWIW, I thought SuSE 9.2 was good, but a little on the buggy side. 9.1 had fewer programs (though a large part of that was that I was using the Personal, not Professional version) but was as solid as a rock. The new 9.3 is my favorite, though. It has a lot of nice features, many a part of KDE...
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    Pooter Pics

    /me enlarges photo to get finty's credit card number :P
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    Drama Bin

    um, yeah... I think this snippet from the conversation we had on AIM shows it all as he tried to go without sleep for a night: Sam Fisher: now i think 2+2 makes fish! spongebue: 4 Sam Fisher: now fish spongebue: lol spongebue: anyway, I gotta go to sleep... you know, like a normal person :P...
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    It Would Seem Gptheatre Is Gone

    yeah, I think most of us are getting that, now. I'm now trying to find a place to host it. I can probably use a page for the site, but the videos are too big. If anyone can hold 3.2 GB (and growing) of data with lots of bandwidth, please PM me!
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    It Would Seem Gptheatre Is Gone

    this is kinda weird. I am currently downloading some last-minute backup stuff, and it's still going for me. I tried another computer, and that works as well. When I try a traceroute, though, it has the same problem as those with the DNS bug, or whatever it is.
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    Fairly Large Gptheatre Update

    you may have seen it already, but it is here. Take a look and see what it is :)
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    Fairly Large Gptheatre Update

    big update coming soon... so big, it's not a video or anything like it :ph34r:
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    I know a sender can delete PMs if they haven't been read by the receiver, there may be a bug with that.