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    Help! With Virtual Dub

    whenever i convert my movie with the gp32emu guide ( it is out of sync.and whenevr i try and do it my own way the file size is too large!. can anyone give me the best optiosn for converteing a 700mb movie and make the sound IN sync?
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    Crappy Non Flu

    id just like to say non flu is crap.u cant see the screen in a car
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    Cheap Gp32 Flu

    Is anyone willing to sell just a gp32 flu for under 100-90 pounds? or willing to swap for a non flu? thanx.
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    GP32 Gp32dev Irc Channel

    what is it? i ned the description and the irc channel and if there is 1. the password.
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    Her Khingts Demo Its Out

    OMg OMG its out!her knights
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    Can Someone... again *sigh*(ur probabbly annoyed at seeing me asking for something agen) can some one send em a link to a guide ot rip a dvd to play it on my gp32 or give me there own guide and links to the programs.i had recent attempt at resident evil which didnt work>.< thanx if you help me :)
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    Wont Bluddy Compress

    ive tried to compress finding nemo o n to my 128 mb smc and it wont comopress it goes to like 200mb ive tried doing it with low quality but it ownt fit? any good compress settiongs??
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    GP32 Exe To Fxe

    ANY Way?
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    Kof Chracters

    can someone plz tell me how to add characters and anyway to compress them cuz there like 2.00mb plz reply.
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    Flu Adapter Thingy

    delete this i didnt realise4 it was already up
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    Doom 2

    anyonE HAVE IT? i canny play any of my doom conversions
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    gbc emulator

    can anyone plz give me a link to a WORKING gbc emulator for gp32?
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    where do i put sources for vba32 what do sources do?
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    GP32 roms

    can anyone give me lniks for roms and probably the best emulator of the best system for gp32.
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    can u...

    can u get some sort of attachment to make ur gp32 backlit cuz ive bought the non backlit and its crap wen im not standing under a light.i cant hardly see it,.
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    GP32 how do u

    how do u make games for gp32? ive got some good ideas.
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    convert dvd to avi

    is there a program?
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    where do i put my gp32 avi's?

    i have compressed a 650 mb avi to summit like 101mb.and was wanting to play it.whre do i have to put the file in order for my gpcinema to play it???
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    help compressing files

    can someone plz give me a guide or a link 2 1 for compressing large .avi files.i have one thats 650mb and wont fit on my 128mb smartmedia card.:( and i dont have a clue how to use virtual dub..
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    grr help help help help help

    my gpcinema wont download.plz plz plz help help...................................................................