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    Where are the old folk of GP32?

    Hello, everyone. Been a while since I looked for a GP32 site, but I was happy to find this one still going. I never really had the time to do what I wanted on the GP32 due to work commitments and having about a million personal projects that never got finished. I always tended to get started on...
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    Uae4all Gp2x 0.7.2

    Anyone tried moonstone?
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    Uae2x 0.1alpha Wip

    I have aan Amiga 500+ and a CD32. :ph34r:
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    Uae Portrd By Squidqe

    Moonstone is much better with 4 floppys emulated :ph34r:
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    Project Ninja

    Is he back yet? :D
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    Project Ninja

    For me, the Ninja is looking great. The one thing that would stop me buying it (and instead get a GPx2) is the fact that it will only come with 32mb RAM, especially now that it is looking more and more likely that the GPx2 will have 64mb.
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    [project Ninja] Touchscreen, Or Not.

    For £8 we may as well have it to be honest, Linux would be much more useable along with any mouse based emu game.
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    Project Ninja

    £86.35 :P Although I really must add my name to the please make it 64Mb list. Nothing else matters as much since it would give all CPS2, most Neo Geo, Other arcade machines + Linux. Please Please Please can we get 64Mb. Please
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    GP32 Creating A New Game-console. Homebrew Project

    Mr.Mirko, I was wondering if you had considered basing the machine on an arm11 chip? According to Samsungs roadmap at the bottom of this page: There should be an Arm11 based chip at 90nm that runs at 667Mhz out very soon, if not...
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    GP32 Creating A New Game-console. Homebrew Project

    If the chip is 99% compatable, would it be easy to make a GP32 emu using the same principles as the GBA emu that mapped various things in memory to other places? Or would it just be a huge pain?
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    GP32 Creating A New Game-console. Homebrew Project

    Sounds like a great idea!! I was just wondering if it would be possible to make it compatable with the GP32. That way it wouldn't matter if we used the GP32's case and screen, since all the existing stuff would run. It would mean that everything would be a lot cheaper and some of the cost saved...
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    Source Code, And Etc

    Me too. I seem to remember that I first saw it used on a TMNT emu ages ago. I think it was called DTMNT.
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    I read the boards a lot analysing the details, but I rarely post. Just remember I have files on every single one of you :ph34r: :ph34r: :ph34r:
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    Easy Overclocking

    Hell, why don't we all hold our tongues on it to do this :lol: You're all nuts :D
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    Amiga Emulator By Mr Mirko

    He has done more than you have, so why don't you make an Amiga emu? For your second question about the Zodiac, you have to think like a programmer. When coding in your spare time you don't really want to bother about the boring parts of programming, normally there is just a specific thing that...
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    Amiga Emulator By Mr Mirko

    Cannon Fodder and Lemmings with a mouse is a must if you do that (compared to the console versions). Also Speedball 2 was one of my favourites along with Sensible World Of Soccer. :D
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    Gp32 Ii

    It says "Commando" every 5 minutes in a retro robotic voice (think Steven Hawkins) so everyone on the train looks at you. :D
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    Mp3 Players

    Thanks, I've just got it and it's great. :)
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    Mp3 Players

    Can anyone tell me the best mp3 player for hte GP32, preferably with variable bitrate support. Thanks.
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    ?mugen For Gp32?

    Here are some screenshots - notice that shadows and transparences are not in - and I haven't yet coded a flipped sprite because there is no point until I have finalised the sprite graphics format.