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    Should I have received my final order eMail already?

    I just noticed (after 9 months) that this thread was pinned, and there are actually other updates to read...
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    Just a quick heads up

    Is everyone in the same group as regards shipping/orders? Except for a handful of developers/reviewers maybe? I have absolutely no idea any more - just that I am on a list.
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    Planet Computers : Gemini - Psion Returns

    This looks like validation of the Pyra (to some extent), and has a slightly different niche. Will be interesting to see if it takes off as a phone+keyboard alternative. Presumably it has serious backing, otherwise the whole thing looks rather speculative to me.
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    A few Colors and Packages (with a poll!)

    Presentation wise, the big box is better. Overall, the smaller box feels right because it better reflects the form-factor. Imagine seeing them in a store, you wouldn't want people to confuse it with a tablet device. It might look better with the battery section reversed - even if that needs a...
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    Retrocomputing site on StackExchamge

    I guess this may be of interest to a few people here, either as a source of information, or as somewhere to share your knowledge. is in beta, aimed at vintage-computer hobbyists interested in restoring, preserving, and using the classic computer and...
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    Preorders Have Started. (Previously named starts in two hours)

    I finally managed to parse the updated thread title... 'priorly' should be 'previously' if it is going to make any sense at all.
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    Finalizing everything!

    Well, chroot Ubuntu on my Chromebook just works, so I guess there has been a fair amount of porting work going on for some time now. (To be fair, I don't stress the Chromebook, but it's a good reference)
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    Preorders Have Started. (Previously named starts in two hours)

    My order seems to have gone through fine (€400 + €200 voucher), but the store told me it looked like there was a problem with what I ordered. I'm assuming its all ok...
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    ... we're still alive!

    I'm more than happy with 32 GB based on the prices. I still have a nagging doubt about speed (and having plenty of unused space might be a benefit). My TF201 tablet started out with the slowest eMMC on the planet, and is surely now far slower than it was when I bought it - but it looks like...
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    A date with the Pyra

    Some sort of ChromeOS/Android convergence is likely (maybe some more clues with the upcoming Pixel C, maybe later). 
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    Reflect the LEDs!

    Well, you really need to be concerned if it is resistive - by the same argument as reflecting the LED light, power is only dissipated by resistance. I agree it is unlikely to have an impact across the PCB, but this might be relevant in other situations and seems everyone gets RF wrong at...
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    Get ready to rumble!

    I'm going to wait a while, let anyone else who is keen to get on have a chance to get in the queue, but I'll take up to 3 slots if there are any left by the end of the week...
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    Verified Reviews or not...?

    I do sometimes use review sites (positive and negative feedback), but dislike the direct mail option. If I received one from ED, I might fill it in but it would cost a degree of goodwill. Finding a different route to get legitimate reviews on independant sites would be preferable.
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    CHIP - The World's First Nine Dollar Computer

    So this is effectively the Chinese cut-down pandora clone, in the handheld version - (for sure its not being made in Oakland if my kickstarter experiences so far mean anything).  I can imagine lots of people being disappointed with the performance and software set, except where its being used...
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    What should be included in the firmware?

    A minimal base install, but some very trivial method of allowing a user to bring this up to a 'typical' install. It should work out of the box, and it should be easy to (online or offline) customise broswer, media player, etc from a sensibly small list.
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    Trying to find a fair solution

    I suggest this thread is prunded so the idiots ranting about entitlement can take that somewhere else. Having read the last few pages, I am 100% against taking any action which will enable some people to get a free pandora from ED. However, since I don't fully understand why ED is still trying...
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    Trade for a Pandora, GBAX reboot, CC units.

    If you can find an ARM board with SATA, some people might be interested in that. More in the low energy NAS/server space than for gaming. Assuming you get back into making a profit, please remember how much ED and the community have contributed over the last year.
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    Moving default OS of the Pandora to Ubuntu OS?

    I don't care about the appearance, I am not prepared to support the company that destroyed my desktop experience any more.
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    WiFi mysteries resolved once and for all — Power saving is clearly the culprit!

    I've not looked at the PCB, but it may help to add some decoupling of the power (and other lines) going to the wifi module. A USB module will already have this built in. Ideally a small series resistance, and about 100-200pF 0805 capacitor between power/ground pins (without any extra wires) will...
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    Moving default OS of the Pandora to Ubuntu OS?

    Anything other than Ubuntu. I really dislike unity. Really don't care, apart from not ubuntu. My desktop is already screwed, I'm not giving any more ground.