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  1. LuciferRising


    I would also like to urge everyone not to buy a Pandora because it makes squeaky sounds and requires a brain to operate. :blink: Wow! I knew he was a jerk (yeah you.. I know you're reading this) when he started verbally abusing one of our nicest and most helpful members while they were trying...
  2. LuciferRising

    Show off your mug

    While I usually just mainline the stuff, I do occasionally use a mug. This one is retired. My current one is plain black, very boring. The chicken mug was a present from an ex-girlfriend when she moved across the country. It came with a cactus in it. Maybe she was trying to tell me I was a prick...
  3. LuciferRising

    Age ranges

    Ay, you're still a young whippersnapper compared to me. Hey wait! Why did you vote 51+? What are you hiding, Sony? The community demands answers! :)
  4. LuciferRising

    Who's the daddy?

    Just let me know if you need a babysitter! Of course you will have to explain to mommy that Lucifer_Rising from the forum is watching the kid tonight:) But seriously, congratulations!
  5. LuciferRising

    I have a kitten problem. =o.O=

    Don't go through any trouble. Anyway, I forgot about how expensive your bandwidth is.
  6. LuciferRising

    My Pandora review/blog

    Nice review, AA! Very thorough and honest. It will be interesting to check in on your blog every once in a while to see how your thoughts on it evolve. Have fun!
  7. LuciferRising

    I have a kitten problem. =o.O=

    Let's see a picture of the culprit, FaeMinx. I loves me some kitties! Here's a pic of mine from 2002 when she was still a little kitten. Edit: Sorry, mods. Wasn't thinking. Probably not the place for this.
  8. LuciferRising

    Do you have any tattoos?

    Nice tat, Sugar_Kane! Simple and bold! There is so much conflicting information on aftercare. I got my tattoos done in 3 different parlors and was given different advice every time. The only time I was told to re-wrap it was because I worked in a scrap yard. He told me to just keep it wrapped...
  9. LuciferRising

    Missing You

    I am sure the team does not want you to cancel your order. I know they do appreciate the upgrades, but they are more than willing to honor your pre-order. It seems like you are insinuating that they are holding up on your order trying to force you to upgrade or something. I don't think that is...
  10. LuciferRising

    Release Dark Light Battles

    Nice job, Blue! I like the initiative. Keep 'em coming.
  11. LuciferRising

    Do you have any tattoos?

    Here is my favorite one. It's from one of the Church of the Subgenius books. I have 3 tattoos and don't regret any of mine either. I will probably get more. Let's see your new tat, Sugar_Kane!
  12. LuciferRising

    Lost Data!

    I am no expert (or power user). FAT32 has been fine for me.
  13. LuciferRising

    Lost Data!

    Don't stress yourself out, FaeMinx. It sounds like you did what you could. Someone will help replace your missing PND's. I would backup anything else you need off the card, reformat it, and start over (just my opinion). I hope your card is ok, as it is not really clear what happened there. Good...
  14. LuciferRising

    Editing Station

    Prometheus, you are the best! You even supplied links! I am on the phone with the Vatican now regarding your canonization.
  15. LuciferRising

    Games Etc

    I wish more people would keep that in mind. These are indeed the early days, but hang around and one will see older things get better and newer, cooler things materialize. I have seen much happen in just the couple months I've had mine. btw, Sugar_Kane, love the new avatar!
  16. LuciferRising

    Customs/import fees?

    I live in Delaware. No other payment was required when I received mine. I actually rma'd my first one and there were no extra fees on the second one either. It was just like getting a package from within US, just signed for it and the deal was done.
  17. LuciferRising

    New Ed Wideo

    Damn, ED makes it looks so easy! I think I'd leave it to the professionals myself, as I'd probably be sweating bullets the whole time. Very cool to watch though.
  18. LuciferRising

    gamepad in a mouse... WHAAAA?

    C'mon, Sony! Can't you edit out that last part or something? I'm not trying to be a jerk, but we do have younger people here.
  19. LuciferRising

    Shoulder buttons as mouse buttons?

    Haven't done it myself, but here's a thread about it from March. Hope it helps.
  20. LuciferRising

    The What Music Are You Listening To Thread

    That was awesome, bosbeetle! I really enjoyed it. Strangely enough that is what it sounds like inside my head most of the time. Or like this.. I should probably get that checked.