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    Sold My Gp2x

    I sold my gp2x a while ago and i'm already starting to miss playing all the old retro games on a handheld. The only problem I had with it was the joystick, it just annoyed me so much. I guess im one of those people who prefers a d-pad. Anyway I was just wondering if there is a new model coming...
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    I Got The Joystick Cap Replacement

    I just recieved one of the new GPH joystick caps but I have to say even though it is better in some areas I would still prefer a D-pad, so much that i'm willing to mod my GP2x.
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    Do's & Dont's For Your Sd Card

    Don't pour mayonnaise on your SD card.
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    New Gp2x Mk2 Review.

    So when's the Mk3 Due? :P
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    View On The New Joystick Caps

    Hey, been out of the loop for a while. Just wondering how we get hold of these caps? Edit: Nevermind, I found out how to get it at Just paid for one :)
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    What's The Most Relaxing Game To Play On The Gp2x?

    Feeling a bit stressed out and wondering if there are any games that you find relaxing to play? Some games are frustrating so obviously they are not very good when feeling a bit stressed. Actually with the gp2x joystick I dont know if any games are relaxing but its worth exploring... Any ideas?
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    What Is Your Average Overclocking Speed?

    I've only tried 266 on my new second edition gp2x. On my first edition that was returned I got 280mhz.
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    Hooray, drmdx has been uncovered on this joyous exhibition.
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    Is My Gp2x Bricked?

    Looks like you edited this so now I look like a retard. lol
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    A Question About Framerates

    I found metal slug very playable when overclocking and lowering the sound bit rate.
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    Is My Gp2x Bricked?

    Looks like it isnt totally bricked, as you can fix it without a JTAG cable aslong as it doesnt show a white screen with coloured lines.
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    Squidgesnes 0.35 Hack

    TelcoLou, your avatar is very disturbing. It makes me feel ill everytime I see it. What is it??
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    Games For Dosbox - What Games Do You Want?

    kings bounty!
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    Lik-sang Selling Broken Gp2x's

    the stock batteries suck, try some decent ones.
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    What Is The Gp2x Missing For You?

    I haven't seen him on irc for a while. Oh scratch that, he's on there now lol
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    Whatever... i'm off to play Q*Bert...
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    What Is The Gp2x Missing For You?

    Where is rlyeh btw??
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    Pausing Games In Gngeo

    Oh, the other thread has gone now, now back to my boring life.
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    D-pad, With Diagonals - Working!

    Something went seriously wrong here...