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  1. ndbsolar

    Pyra for sale. Skip the queue [SOLD]

    This item is now sold. Congratulations to the lucky buyer :)
  2. ndbsolar

    N64 seems like half the speed that it once was. So...

    I know I am not the only person here who has some issues with the speed of the latest version of mupen, so I have a request for some kind soul with greater knowledge than my current level of idiocy. This older version of mupen is much much faster than...
  3. ndbsolar

    Ok now I am jealous :/

    I don't normally ask for things here, but... Anyone here willing and able to make this happen?
  4. ndbsolar

    Great deal on

    Perfect for the Pandora. Good looking, small, and very cheap for a 1.8" [Edit] The £59.99 deal has finnished. I guess they sold a few too many at that price :)