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  1. Pyramancer

    Should the frequency of the Pyra memory bus be so close to maximum for CL=7?

    Hi Michael, With regard to recent postings on the kernel list, as follows: At 08:40 +0200 on Wednesday 2017-09-13, Matthijs van Duin wrote: > > We're running the memory bus at 532 MHz, i.e. tCK = 1.88 ns. At 06:03 +0200 on Monday 2017-09-18, Matthijs van Duin wrote: > > DDR3-1066 only has E...
  2. Pyramancer

    On the Pyra, is the Fn-shifted layer translated in hardware?

    I noticed that on the older versions of the keyboard the "Fn" key is labelled "Meta". This made me wonder if the Fn-shifted keys are translated in hardware (like the Fn-shifted keys on a typical laptop) or if they send modifier down, unshifted key, modifier up, for translation by the OS. For...
  3. Pyramancer

    What does the "Key" key do?

    On the Pyra keyboard, what does Fn-[Brightness Down] (labelled "Key") do? (This is the on the key to the right of the power button.)
  4. Pyramancer

    Now I've managed to misplace the cellular modem frequencies!

    Hello, I'm looking for the listing of the frequencies supported by the cellular modem in the US and European versions of the Pyra. I had previously looked at this, but neglected to save a copy. Now I'm failing to find it. :( I think I previously found this information on the main Pyra page...
  5. Pyramancer

    Pyra keyboard scancodes?

    I'm looking for the scancodes produced by the keys on the Pyra. I found the keyboard page in the Pyra wiki ( but I don't see scancodes there (just the keycodes under a mapping in letux-4.5.0, it says). Any pointers to the actual...
  6. Pyramancer

    Where's the Pyra wiki again?

    Somehow I've managed to loose the Pyra wiki! I keep forgetting that it exists as a valuable source of information. And when I remember I always have a struggle finding it -- I've no idea how I stumbled into it the first time before ever I knew it existed. But today I can't find it at all! I've...
  7. Pyramancer

    RSS Feeds contain only (partial) first post in thread

    The forum RSS feeds don't seem to work. 1) When a thread is created, the RSS feed for the forum will only send the first few words in the post (instead of sending the full text, which would be preferable). 2) When a followup/reply is posted to an existing thread, the RSS feed for the forum...
  8. Pyramancer

    Two keyboard layout questions

    I'm slightly confused about the current final plan for the keyboard layout. Specifically I have two questions: 1. In the Pyra video, and also on the keyboard page of the wiki ( sometimes the alt and ctrl keys between the nubs seem to be...
  9. Pyramancer

    Where are the antennas situated?

    I'm wondering where in the Pyra the antennas will be located. With send and recieve antennas for WiFi, send and receive antennas for Bluetooth, send and receive antennas for cellular, and a receive antenna for GPS -- between four and seven antennas, plus also a sensor for the compass -- it...
  10. Pyramancer

    Potential for Linux-libre on the Pyra?

    If someone were willing to do the necessary work, what is the potential for running a Linux-libre kernel on the Pyra? Are there components of the device that will definitely not function without blobs or other non-Free software? Is the answer to this question different for the mobile-capable...
  11. Pyramancer

    Location of the Pyra's mobile functionality?

    Do the mobile versions of the Pyra have the "3G/4G and GPS module" on a fourth board? Or is it on the mainboard? Or CPU board? (I assume it is not on the display board?) Will there be the potential for removing the mobile functionality entirely (for example if it is found impossible to make...