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  1. LuciferRising

    Master list of emulator instructions and controls?

    Hey all! Just a suggestion.. I see a lot of people having trouble setting up emulators, figuring out controls, key combos etc. Being a new pandora user myself I can understand some of their frustration. I have used many emulators on many different systems over the years and I'd have to say I...
  2. LuciferRising

    Another Satisfied Customer

    Hi everyone. I received my replacement Pandora a few days ago. My first unit had major power/boot issues when it arrived. I don't think this was OP's fault at all. My issues were definitely out of the norm and I feel that maybe it got kicked around too much in transit. So with a heavy heart I...
  3. LuciferRising

    Crash upon first boot

    Hi folks, Received my Pandora today. First off had a hell of a time just getting it to charge or show any signs of life. First thing I did was plug mains power in. Only thing I was getting was a green light all the way on the left (SD activity light?). Wasn't sure why that light was on but...
  4. LuciferRising

    GP2X Wiz on Attack of the Show

    GP2X Wiz got a quick mention on the tv show Attack Of The Show about a week and a half ago here in the States on G4 network. I'm curious if this caused a spike in Pandora orders at all? Ultimately this how I found out about the Pandora and ended up ordering one. I'm sure I'm not the only one...