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  1. Legodude522

    WTB: Sharp Zaurus SL-C1000 or Similar

    Looking to purchase a Sharp Zaurus SL-C1000. Sadly I sold mine many years ago and would like to relive the Zaurus. I'd be interested in the SL-C1000 or any clamshell model with VGA resolution. Located in Texas, United States. I can pay via the usual methods, PayPal, Venmo, etc. (Crossposted...
  2. Legodude522

    WTB: OpenPandora

    I have some interest in purchasing an OpenPandora to play with as I wait for the Pyra. I'm located in the United States.
  3. Legodude522

    Heat Spreader Performance and Overclocking

    I know it's hard to know until we get it in our dirty hands but I have been curious how well the heat spreader performs and if there is any potential for improvements/modifications to get more performance out of it. Secondly, can the CPU be overclocked and what to expect if so. Can the CPU...
  4. Legodude522

    Windows 10 ARM on Pyra?

    I know this is laughable but I'm curious if this would possible given that Windows 10 ARM is available for the Raspberry Pi.
  5. Legodude522

    Emulate Pyra on x86?

    I'm sure there are technical reasons why this isn't worthwhile but would it be possible to emulate the Pyra on an x86 system to play around with the environment? I have a fairly powerful PC at my disposal.
  6. Legodude522

    GP2X Joystick Nub Woes

    My GP2X has always had problems with the joystick nub. It doesn't like going to the left. I tried opening it once to play around with it but have not been able to find a solution. Can this be fixed? Mine is is the same as below.
  7. Legodude522

    Long time lurker, thinking about purchasing

    Hello, I've been following this project on and off for several years. I'd be wanting to use this for emulation, watching videos, and Linux system administration. I've previously used the Tapwave Zodiac and the GP2X. I'm interested in purchasing the Pyra but I got a few questions. If I were...
  8. Legodude522

    Beat2x Freezes

    Hi all. Just got a GP2X the other day, first post on it. Got most of the emulators to work. Just hitting a snag with Beat2x. It loads and then when I hit start the music stops and it just freezes. I can't do anything. Any insight or fixes? :blink: