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  1. efegea

    Audio Latency

    I'm porting a new emulator that is very cpu demanding (can't say the name of the emulated platform). Without sound, I get acceptable framerates, over 77fps, but with sound enabled it drops to 19fps. I think it's because the oss audio output have very high latency (I've read on the forum...
  2. efegea

    Pangea - New Design, Codename Pinjala

    Here it is, the new design I've been planning for Pangea, the simple mode interface for Pandora on which I'm working on. Originally, Pangea idea was a simple interface with an screen with a list of categories and applications icons, where the layout was taken form a .xml skin file. The idea was...
  3. efegea

    1080P Decoding, It May Be Possible :)

    Take a look :)
  4. efegea

    Gp2X Wiz "tower Defense" Coding Competition

    From GP32Spain:
  5. efegea

    Pandora Buying A Beagleboard While Waiting For Pandora

    I'm planning to get a BeagleBoard, as I'd like to have Pangea GUI running on actual hardware before the Pandora gets released. I don't have too much money, so I have to think a lot about it before I buy one. Do you think is a good idea or is better to just wait for the Pandora? Is there...
  6. efegea

    Release Pantfy, a notificacion system for OpenPandora

    I'm working on a new software for Pandora, independent of the Pangea GUI, not related in any way. It's a notification system, similar to Growl on Mac OS X. It's 100% tuneable, using XML skins, and very easy to use for application developers. It uses linux's Named Pipes, an special kind of file...
  7. efegea

    Release New Pangea video

    I've uploaded a video of the current status of development of Pangea, also know as the "Gmenu alternative" I hope you like it. But remember! The icons you can see on the video are randomly created and they are FAKE!! please don't ask if any of them will run on the Pandora :D RigPQEuoMsk I...
  8. efegea

    Pangea - Alternative Gui To Gmenu

    Warning: This is a Work in progress, it's not finished This is a work-in-progress of my alternative interface. It currently features a XML skins system, very configurable (positions, colours, fonts, sizes, text..all is configurable) and there are a few very interesting features to come. It's...
  9. efegea

    Oss4 Sound Driver

    I know that sound system on the Pandora will be ALSA, but is there any possibility in the future to a OSS4 one to be developed? Is the ALSA driver open sorce? Is widely known that ALSA have worse sound quality than the previous linux sound system, OSS (Open Sound System), and is more...
  10. efegea

    The Possibility Of A Competition

    Is there any plans for a competition? Craigix said it liked the idea (as far as I remember) I'd really like to submit an entry. But it's still to decide if the entry should be a game for the GP2X, for PC windows/linux but portable, or developed using the OpenGL ES 2.0 wrappers for pc. Well...
  11. efegea

    Pandora, Framebuffer, X Servers And Hardware Acceleration

    There is nothing clear about what will the pandora run, if framebuffer or an X server. It's obvious that we need an X server because there is a lot of X apps people will want to run. And only using an X server we will get real multitasking. But some people say that the X server will not...
  12. efegea

    Can't Enter The Forums Using Konqueror!

    I can't enter the forums, only the main home page. If I try to enter the forum a get the following message box: CODE Open Extension: application/x-httpd-php Dont ask again Save as... | Open as... | Cancel I'm getting this after the few "connection...
  13. efegea

    A Question About Autotools

    I used to write my own Makefiles, but I'm now trying to work with Kdevelop but it uses the autotools system. I've read about it and I seems a cool idea, I want to use it for my multiplatform 3D engine. Is it a good idea to use it for a code that should compile for..?: -GNU/Linux + OpenGL...
  14. efegea

    Can't Compile Gpu940

    After a while I decided to start coding again, for the GBAX compo. But gpu940 fails to compile CODE /usr/local/open2x/bin/open2x-ld -o gpu940.elf -L../console -L../perftime -L../lib -L/usr/local/open2x/lib/gcc/arm-gp2x-linux/3.4.6 -L/usr/local/open2x/lib/gcc/open2x/4.0.2 -T script.ld -N -s...
  15. efegea

    GP2X Problem With Gpu940

    It's alpha blending supported on gpu940? I'm developing a multi-platform 3D engine, currently the same code is working on Linux SDL Opengl (not gpu940 pc version) and on GP2X gpu940. The current status is: it loads MD2 (quake2) models and displays them with animations :) BUT..I'm working into...
  16. efegea

    GP2X Gpu940 - Getting A Capture Of The Screen

    Is it possible to access to get a copy of the framebuffer? And also, uploading it again to gpu940, so you can modify it and it is shown? A way to access the actual buffer? For example: Getting a copy of the screen, then apply a filter for example a blur, and last alpha-blend it with the screen...
  17. efegea

    GP2X To Start, And Compiling For Pc

    I've downloaded gpu940 from the cvs and got compiled it for my pc: a 64 bit gentoo linux. But does it work for it? I mean, can I dev for the pc using gpu940 or do I need an ARM940:so a GP2X. I want to test the games on the pc. It's possible? I tried to run the samples on the gpu940 source tree...
  18. efegea

    Sdl_seterror: Not Enough Video Memory

    Hi, I compiled paeryn's SDL with official GPH SDK. I had to put all the .so files on my working dir. Now it runs, but I'm getting a weird error.. [root@gp2x kurayagi]$SDL_DEBUG=true ./kurayagi.gpe SDL_GP2X: CreateDevice SDL_GP2X: VideoInit SDL_GP2X: Physical screen = 320x240 (ilace = 0)...
  19. efegea

    GP2X Open2x Libs: Commercial Games And Licenses

    I'm developing a game that will be shown a demo to GPH to see the viability of making it commercial. But I'm wondering about the license of open2x and the libs used in it. I know that with gcc, binutils, glibc, etc..I can make commercial games, but..and the libs? SDL is LGPL, but mikmod is GPL...
  20. efegea

    GP2X Gettext Not Working On Gp2x

    I'm using gettext for internationalization. In my pc, the same code works, but not on the GP2X Any ideas? Why it works on my pc but not on the GP2X? It's related to the toolchain? I'm using open2x toolchain EDIT: mmm..the .mo files are binary compiled. Perhaps these are x86-64 compiled and...