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  1. Kosmos

    [CLOSED] Pandoras for Sale!

    For Sale; 2 hardly used Pandora's. Only minor rubs on some edges of Classic's case. All buttons and screen work 100%. 600Mhz Classic "Rebirth Edition" ($350 or Best Offer) 1Ghz Pandora Silver ($450 or Best Offer) These are in excellent condition and hardly used for intended purpotese...
  2. Kosmos

    [SOLVED] TV Out cable layout

    OK, this should be easy to find an answer on the forum but it is not. I just recieved mine in the mail and checked here for an answer. Can someone please give me a listing for the TV-Out Cable plugs. Thanks
  3. Kosmos

    [SOLVED] GCC- -native angstrom install

    I just upgrade to SZ1.55 from 1.52. On SZ1.52 I used opkg to install the gcc tools and packages so I could compile from the command-line natively.   This worked flawlessly. However now on SZ 1.55 I install all the same packages but now when I run:    $ g++ pause.cpp      Pause.cpp 1:20...
  4. Kosmos

    [SOLVED] TK/TCL not installed Properly... (bug fix)

    I have the 4 core packages of Python, Tkinter, TK & TCL installed... And am working through the book "Python for Kids". However, when I try something like this... >>> import turtle >>> turtle.forward(50) I get an error about TK/TCL not being properly installed. What are all the ipks that I...
  5. Kosmos

    question: USB OTG

    I came across a mini-usb-to-OTG cable and have two questions. what can I use it for (hooking up a keyboard maybe?) And how! Just plugging it in and activating USBhost did nothing. (A usb keyboard I have atleast was not responsive....
  6. Kosmos

    [Solved] USB/Wifi wont Toggle any more?

    In normal user mode the USB and Wifi toggles stopped working. (OP is running SZ1.5 off of SD). The nand version of SZ1.5 works fine so it is not physical. Also, back on the SD version I can toggle them from root but not from normal user. by using su then typing #...
  7. Kosmos

    [HELP] XFCE menu-item placement (cant customize)

    I deleted the menu entry for "XFCE-About" in /usr/share/applications/ Now I want to add a desktop file for a menu item but have it appear right above "log-out" I created a desktop file and placed it in /usr/share/applications/. It is simply placed alphabetically above the submenu entries...
  8. Kosmos

    [SOLVED] Standby-Mode as passwordless Sleep-key!

    Ok I have been trying to get this working. I thought I DID under beta 3 but now (under beta4) it is not working. And I do not know what I forgot because its not in the forums. Standby Mode requires password [shouldn't]. I should be able to assign a hotkey to run op_standby or add a menu item...
  9. Kosmos

    [SOLVED] Dropbear config file,where?

    Where is the dropbear config file? I would like to change the default ssh port for logging in.Obviously not at /etc/sshd_config... I looked in /etc/dropbear - not there! just an RSA file.
  10. Kosmos

    [SOLVED] Broken Root? .bashrc not loading

    OK, Any Ideas on what is broke or how I get a su root to read the .bashrc and give me a custom root environment? I did this with my IRLP Node which runs CentOS 4.8 CLI only. It helps me keep track of who and where I am at the time. My final solution is post #11 Below...
  11. Kosmos

    Where is "mkisofs" (making PNDs) from stuckie's old work.

    Following Stuckies tutorial here: And it stops at the point where I find out - where can I get mkisofs on the pandora? It is implied that it was on his but what, no more? [uPDATE] Ok I switched to Squash per recommendation below. Now how do I get the pnd to...
  12. Kosmos

    Porting a Bible App

    I posted a request here: http://boards.openpa...unty-bible-app/ Which died I think due to lack of incentive or wrong sub-forum. [ I am now offering a bounty ] I guess that I will take Gruso's advice below and start looking to port this myself, with help from those who can answer my...
  13. Kosmos

    [SOLVED] Installing from Angstrom Repo (Help)

    As a new Pandora RBE owner asking a lot of newbie questions I am going to start giving them Topics that announce them as such and hopefully help others find what I am sure are common questions (now or later). OK, Angstrom announced that the 2008 apps are going going gone. So a double question...
  14. Kosmos

    [SOLVED] Mime-Typing and autolaunching

    First I wanted to fix the default browser problem. I could not setup a PND browser as default. fine, I realized that I could make a shell script like this pnd_run /media/BOOT/pandora/menu/midori.pnd and then set this "" file as the default browser. so it works, now clicking...
  15. Kosmos

    [SOLVED] Bible App

    Ok, a simple request. I do not see a single Bible App. Opinions aside.... I am looking for someone to port Xiphos (a gnome-sword variant). I am putting up a bounty and want to go along and duplicate the process myself as a learning tool in porting and so I can maintain future updates...