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    Farplite Littlegptracker Compo, Apr24 - May01

    there's a compo going down with LGPT, the music-tracker-by-joystick rules:make a track in lgpt with the sample pack provided by B.Leo (to be released april twenty four). leave the compo samples iNtACKT . . . no outside dSpZ add up to 500kb of VOCAL samples (ok to dSpZ). EXTRA POINTS for...
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    Casiocrack Music Compo Results (all Made The Littlegptracker)

    using piggy tracker (LGPT music software for gameparks since the gp32), 14 artists competed to make the best tune using only samples from casio machines. a few tracks let the nostalgic cheeze squeeze through but even more of them show off the sample-manipulation capabilities of LGPT to provide...
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    Mad Console Modding Musician.

    gamepark users are blessed with the PIGGY TRACKER music making software ... check it out if you haven't already =) we also have a vj program ... :wub:
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    The Wiz Gets Proper Buttons And A 3.5mm Headphone Jack

    i don't know if it's a final design or a mock up or ??? but there is a picture of the wiz with separated ABXY buttons on the front of the official homepage: i'm still curious about being able to set the serial port speed for...
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    The Wiz Gets Proper Buttons And A 3.5mm Headphone Jack

    that's great to hear! i hope that GPH are open to your suggestions and patches ... and get the official firmware done up properly :wub:
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    The Wiz Gets Proper Buttons And A 3.5mm Headphone Jack

    @midget35 analog volume control would be nice but it's not essential. @craigix thanks for the info! hopefully GPH can reduce the boot time because even my f200 running firmware 4.0 only takes 30seconds to boot :o can anyone with a dev unit tell me: does the wiz have a serial port and is...
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    The Wiz Gets Proper Buttons And A 3.5mm Headphone Jack

    @gameparkholdings THANK YOU! for the proper 3.5mm jack! i use my gp2x for making music and was turned off by the 2.5mm jack. can anyone comment on wiz boot time? the gp2x is pretty slow ... fingers crossed that the wiz will be closer to an original gameboy boot time! or at least provide some...
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    Gph: The Wiz - Official Announcement

    wow, intense thread but i made it through! still have a few questions tho :huh: can you set the serial port baud rate to custom speeds? can you disable system output to the serial port? these two things are important for getting midi control in and out for audio software what are bootup...
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    Gmu 0.6.3 Emerged

    wow thanks for the fast response wejp! while i was playing around with trying to use multiple buttons as the modifier i noticed that trying to push all four buttons at once would almost always cause one of the buttons to be triggered when i was starting to hold the four down or releasing them...
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    Gmu 0.6.3 Emerged

    i have a gp2x f200 (no stick i tried getting something like CODE Modifier=STICK_LEFT+STICK_RIGHT+STICK_UP+STICK_DOWN to work but no avail another good combo i considered was CODE VOL-+VOL+ can someone point out what i'm doing wrong? thanks in advance! GMU RULES!!!
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    Littlegptracker 1.0 first open air concert w/ lgpt one! those logitech speaks were pumpin :ph34r: :)
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    Termula2x 0.1.2 "yesil" Released

    termula2x is already good but this application would be beyond awesome if it had a semi-transparent iPhone-style full-screen keyboard overlaying the terminal's output. the buttons would be huge so u could hit them easy and not distracting if the output wasn't obscured by a picture =) wigglin!!!
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    Zelda Classic 2.11 B18 Gp2x 0.3alpha

    i've been lusting after zelda classic on a handheld for years now, just chiming in to offer props to hitnrun!
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    Gmu 0.6.1 Released

    awesome update, wejp rules! love farbrausch too ;)
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    Wubforge V2

    wub, great app (since piggy doesn't have a wav editor built in) but i got rid of my gp32 a while ago ... someone buy this man a gp2x! or maybe you could set up a thing for people to donate towards you getting a gp2x @
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    Do Girls Like The Gp2x...?

    she should hump it naked! :P i only know girls that like gameboys :ph34r:
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    Gp2x-2600: Atari 2600 Emulator For Gp2x V1.0.4

    also patiently waiting for a f200 port of stella ... was one of my favorite emus on my gp2x mk1 :)
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    Ommpc2x V0.1.2

    does this program support replay gain?