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  1. likwidoxigen

    Pandora Supa - Simple Updater For Pandora Applications

    -Canceled- Please follow this thread where a long term solution is forthcoming. ---LINK ADDED--- If/When I get upload privs on this will go live. Cheers! Ok so because no one's done it yet I took an hour and threw together the shell scripts necessary to get this...
  2. likwidoxigen

    Pandora Recieved

    Ok, so far it's going really great, some small issues with corrupted pnd's etc but overall a good experience on the software. CASE: So the case took forever and we all know that. However, that slick of paint down the parts really made a huge difference. I've got the slight bowing of the bezel...
  3. likwidoxigen

    Some Apps Don't Work But Clearly Do For Others

    Where can I get some debugging output or something for these things that gives some sort of reason as to why they're not running. No apps run from within XFCE by double clicking or right click -> execute. I'm doing this all from command line with pnd_run. I tried clearing the appdata folder...
  4. likwidoxigen

    Won' T Turn Off & Double Apps In Minimenu

    I tell the damn thing to shut down and it turns right the F* back on. Also in minimenu i have each application on my sd card listed twice. Nothing seems to fix that one. I'll have to play with it more though.
  5. likwidoxigen

    Us Orders Being Shipped As Well?

    I don't know if this was a dream (nightmare) I had, but it was that only EU pre-orders were being send out for the first 300 built.
  6. likwidoxigen

    Dear Pandora Team

    Hey all, I just wanted to make another "You guys rock." shout out post for you guys. It's coming into the final month or so of the project and I'm sure you're all busting your asses to get this thing done. And I hope to hell that you guys at least break even on the pre-orders. I know taxes...
  7. likwidoxigen

    LCD in "low power" or half resolution mode??

    Hey all, my search skills apparently suck on forums. I can't find anything about the low power or low resolution mode on the LCD to conserve power anywhere. I know there were like 3 freaking threads about it too. If any of you could link me that would be great.
  8. likwidoxigen

    Hopefully dumb question about defective units.

    So this is really a question to the core team.... Are enough extras being produced to cover defective units? (There are always defects) Because if my pre-order comes in dead/defective and I have to wait for the second batch to get a replacement I'll be positively murderous.... and I'm sure that...