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    Trading Gp32 For Gba + Flashcard

    Hello, I'm just checking in to see if anyone wants to give me a GBA+flash memory (or money to get me a flash card) for a GP32. I'm not sure if I'll do it, but I just want to check it anyone WOULD. Reason? GP32 is gathering dust here now that I've got a PS2... >_<
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    Ati Shit O.o

    Do you people know if an ATI Saphire 9800 can be incompatible with a pc? I mean, I meet the system requirements, no problems there... I bought a Saphire monday, it's working perfectly on another pc, but on my pc it gives garbled screen, nothing more, just garbled screen, even in the BIOS it's...
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    Site Help Needed :)

    Howdy ppl, first off: I thought of posting this in the "I need help" section, but it's not really gp32-related (not until someone invents a broadband adapter for it, really), but I've been asked to be webby of the pedagogic sciences-website (it's my studies). My main idea was to have a design...
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    I Just Bought A Ps2

    I'm looking for good games on the ps2 :) what I4ve got: - SSX tricky - Evil Twin - Final Fantasy X - Final Fantasy X-2 what I leek: dark games, good storylines, preferably RPG's but GTA-like games are great too (I'm looking for Vice City as we speak)
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    Spc Encoding O.o

    that doesn't really have something to do with gp32 though, but I thought I'd post it here anyway, since I wouldn't know where else to put it (Off topic seemed a bit overboard :)) anywayz, looking for a tool that can convert .SPC (snes rom music files) to .MP3... can anyone help me on this? thnx!
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    Ogg Encoding

    Hm, I've been testing Yogg and GpOGG to try and play some .ogg files, but I simply can't do it! I've been using a program - Alt MP3 WAV OGG ... converter - to make ogg's out of my mp3's, but to no avail: the program won't play them, 44 Khz stereo... is it my settings? is it Yogg (can't be...
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    Charset Help Anyone?

    Is there a "trick" into making charsets? My characters always end wobbling around (I mean, when I build the charset, the frame pictures don't seem to be aligned properly and due to the colour difference I can't tell where to put them exactly) can anyone help me out? :)
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    Gbax Compo Question

    this might sound noobish, but as this is the first time I'm closely following something like this, I'll ask it anyway: so, when may 1 comes, what will happen to all us non-dev-people? :P what will change?
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    Frodo =d

    Okay, I've been using my GP32 a lot lately, been playing lots of zelda on NES (littleJohn), but I decided I'd like to try a different emulator :) and since everyone is so full of Frodo, I decided to try that one :) however I've never emulated the system, so I have no clue what to expect and...
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    Super Take-a-pic-with-your-gp32-topic!

    All you people out there with digicams or scanners, take a picture of yourself with your favourite handheld console, and post it here! Funniest picture gets a prize (prize=honour) :D I'll do it on Monday, 'cos I'm at home now and my digicam is at some different place :P (P.S.: move to spam if...
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    Arcadia Xd

    clicky for shockwave game anyway, is there something like THAT available on gp32? it could be überleet :)
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    On Gameboy / Color Emulation...

    I've been into GB&copy; emulation for a while now, and I've been wondering if there was an emulator that - has no random speed or works too slow when you try to put the settings on limit (like GBVGP :P) - has savestates (like fGB) those are two genious emulators, but they each have that one...
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    GP32 I Know Photoshop :/

    if you need grungy work or something, just gimme a ring and I'll see what I can do ;) (I just want to help out in the scene but I'm... not very mathematical) also, if you need a story for your game, I'll come up with one! XD need text for rpg's, ... I'll try to write it :)
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    ogm conversion

    hmmm... does anyone know how to convert .ogm files to avi? I'm missing ONE lousy hack sign ep to finish the whole series (well, actually I'm missing 3, but the other two come last, so I still have some time to find them :P)
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    RPG maker 2003 emulator ^^

    hehe, since I'm doing lots of work on my personal RPG, it'd be really neat if I could like play it on the train ^^ ahhh *dreams*
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    Willing to trade cube + extra's for GP32

    preferably in Europe, I don't want to send all this to the US :P - Cube (purple) - 2 controllers - 3 memory cards (2x4Mb, 1xbig one :P) - Eternal Darkness - Super Smash Bros Melee - Zelda: the Wind Waker anyone? we can work something out ... :)
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    flashing or something O.O

    well, a friend of mine told me that when I buy a GP32 I'll have to be really careful, because "flashing" or something can ruin it... I did not get an ounce of what he meant, he also warned me NOT to buy a second hand GP32 because they can be non-working because of this flashing :P can anyone...