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    Gp2xstore Now Taking Pr Orders...............

    cheaper then mp4nation, and I think he post in the forum.
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    Know Any Thing About Fpga this new devise is coming out, and is uses this technology. It stands for Field-programmable gate array.They can be configure on the fly to duplicate simple 8 bit and 16 bit CPU's, and the density of the chip is increasing all the time. it would me cool if the gp3x or what...
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    Light Gun Suport?

    I'd love light gun support for all emus. I know that the C64, sega MS, NES, sega MD, and some mame games used light guns. Dose any one know if there any emus who support usb light guns?
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    Supersonicspeed Level Editor

    I love this game, I just wish I had more levels to play. I'd be willing to to work on some but the data files are password protected, so I cant reverse engineer them. Maybe I have to wait for a update, and hope for a level editor or some thing.
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    Gpsp Has Improved Diagonal Stick Response

    I found that gpsp seem to some how compensate for the sh#tty thumb stick, I can hit diagonal, and hold them as long as needed. Any thoughts? Is it the roms or the software. Can we use this to improve control across the plat form?
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    A New Open Source Plush Toy? it looks cool, and has wifi. Only $150. 3.5" LCD color touchscreen • two external USB 2.0 full-speed ports • 350 MHz ARM controller • 64 MB SDRAM • 64 MB NAND flash ROM • stereo 2W speakers • headphone output • squeeze sensor • accelerometer (motion sensor) • wi-fi...
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    Web Cam Controlled Games

    you could use your web cam to play games. A boxing game or some kind of abstract puzzle game. I could all see lots of tasteless /sick games like smash bugs or throw pup's at a wall. this is a link to a page...
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    Open Source Skype Alternative

    would it be possible to port a open source skype alternative what you could use at open hotspots. USB phones are getting cheap.
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    Tone Dialer

    It should be easy to slap to gather, and maybe it could get integrated into that new address book app. It be rad to have a full red box style program.
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    GP2X Stanless Steel Gp2x

    I just thought it be rad to buy a replacement shell for my gp2x made out of steel, maybe rubberized, or brushed steel.
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    GP2X Painting Your Gp2x For Ease Of Use

    I just paint letters on the buttons ie. the "A","B","X" and 'Y" red so they stand out against the black , but only the letters, and I all so painted the volume lettering on the volume button and "start" "select" lettering and the corresponding buttons as well in white. I looks slick and it...
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    Geting Programs In Toth Utilty Folder

    how do you get utility to show up in the utility folder, what is the format that the gp2x use for files, a list of file types and folder would be helpfully. I read the manually that came with it but it was no help :') Basically I'd like to launch things like alternative music/music players and...
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    Link To Cool Usb Devises For The New Cradle

    Well the cradle(BOB) is due out in 6 day, I'd like to see what we can plug in to it. I'm kinda thing small and portable usb devises. I really like to find some cheap none PSX style controller for it, more like really small SNES Dpad. Ebay had some 6 months ago but now nothing. Any way lets see...
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    A Short List Of Dos Games I'd Like To See

    Ya this is just a list of fallout style games I'd like to play on the go, I think many will work. Don't know my gp2x is lost in he post. #Bad Blood #Autoduel #Wasteland #DarkSpyre
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    Gp2x Total Number Of Sales

    Is there any info on how well the gp2x is sell, has it passed the gp32 in total sales, hows it stacking up?
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    Fife In Need Of Developer

    If any developers love post apocalypse Turn based RPG's should think about give a hand to the FIFE project, it being coded using SDL librarys for SVGA, but it possible to change that. I don't know much more then that. All I know is a bit of C64 Basic and a little bash. I'd love to see/build a...