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    So Uh, Just Found My Gp2x Again

    yeah, kinda wish i didn't. i had fond memories of the thing, and then all the default stick problems came back, and i remembered just how bad that was. i like the GP2x, just don't really like the stick. so, i've been gone a year. could i have an update in a nutshell?
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    Expansion Card

    on the shell, would there be room to fit a slot where there you could put a small slot that can access the PCB's hardware hacking pads. This would be best accompanied with blanks that allows access to the complete set of pads. Reason for? - Allows access to core set of hardware hacking easily...
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    Internal Nand

    Will there be such a big issue with the NAND as the GP2x's? that's one thing that kinda irked me about the GP2x, everyone said it had a horrible lifespan, which is true probably, but i know mine never broke, and i really never used it (though it was handy when i didn't have my SD card in...
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    Life Sim?

    Anyone ever play the princess maker series (DOS/win,saturn, SNES) monster rancher series (PSX, PS2, GB, GBA), or the like? i remember these games were awesome, i dont know how they could be implemented though...
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    Seaman Clone

    in 2000 they released a game on the Dreamcast named "seaman". as odd as it sounds, it was rather revolutionary in the sense that it had a complex life simulation and evolution chain, but it also had a still rather impressive voice recognition library. I'm not saying that porting the game would...
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    New Vba-r Version

    Apparently (from the readme), the following has been added updated: frameskip change in game using stick-click & vol + or vol- quit using stick-click & start stick-click & B =load "savestate" stick-click & A =save "savestate" X = speedup Y = save image L+R+ Start = Pause (Maybe someone can...
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    GP2X Question On The Snes In General

    From just a view from a person who's been with emulation since even before ZSNES had a windows version, zsnes, the snes emulator written in assembly, could run damn close to full speed with only a 486DX (~16mhz) and 16mb ram. we are running a system that has 2x200mhz arm cpus and 64mb ram...
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    A Sport Game

    I was thinking this would be a cool idea, if a programmer coded a sport game (maybe around SNES quality, but thats up to the coder in question). updates could be done via an editor that could bring it up to speed with the current teams. personally i like the idea of basketball, or...
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    GP2X Gp2x Wifi Via Mini Bob

    ok, i had an interesting idea, why not take a USB wifi stick, and a mini BOB and replace the battery cover with something of a hack, (think of the PASSme versions... if you know about DS homebrew) such as: 2 ipod 3g batteries (each are 3.7v and 750mah or something) step them down to +5v for...