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    Yet another colour bikeshedding thread

    ED said that black will be one of the available colours for Pyra, but charcoal¹ seems to be quite well liked around the forum, and if it won the vote it would lead to an interesting situation where the case is available in two almost-black colours, so I'm wondering what other black-oriented...
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    Conspiracy Theory

    Everybody around here knows that ED lives in Ingolstatd, but do you know who else did? Adam Weishaupt, the founder of the Order of Illuminati, the secret society that controls the governments, the economy and everything else. Is it a coincidence? Or is Pandora part of the conspiracy, a tool to...
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    Pandora Standard Distro: Armstrong Or *ubuntu?

    The FAQ says that the standard pandora distro will be based on armstrong + openembedded, and most of the forum seem to assume it will be so However there are a couple posts deep in other topics, e.g.;#entry660280 that imply that the standard...
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    Openembedded Recipes

    If I understand correctly, the pandora OS will be based on armstrong / openembedded. If it is so, will you release the machine conf and at least the kernel recipe? will we be able to use OE to easily(1) cross compile applications for the pandora? what about a full system? (1) as easily as it...