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    What Applications Are You Looking Forward To?

    Idea, how about a program for tapping into the PS3 to stream media, maybe with bluetooth under the ps3 game/OS using remote play, or more likely under ps3 linux by wifi.
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    What Applications Are You Looking Forward To?

    I'd like to see a telnet client, so you can play MUD's, and check out BBSo it be rad l if some one set up a Pandora BBS.
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    Pandora's Design

    I know I've posted on this all ready but I just feel I should press the subject. I'd like to see real good WIFI please make the wifi antenna external, or at leat try to make it easy to mod a wifi type antenna plug by leaving a few open well labeled contacts(kinda like what they did with "Atari...
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    Pandora's Design

    Problem with that is law. Many countries don't allow the use of standard antenna connectors unless they're brand specific. This is to prevent people from making their own amplifiers and the like, possibly interfering with other carriers, etc... Cisco, for example, reversed the threading on...
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    Pandora's Design

    I'd like to see a wifi antenna port on the the Pandora, I'd love to be able to upgrade the antenna to some kind of High-Gain and/or directional antenna. It's just a small change but very useful. You could ship it with a small little nub antenna, and sell up grade antenna in your retail shops.
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    Our New Machine, Pandora

    The British economy has ALWAYS been one of the strongest in the world. Except after would war II and and a big chunk of the 70's :D
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    Gp2xstore Now Taking Pr Orders...............

    cheaper then mp4nation, and I think he post in the forum.
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    Our New Machine, Pandora

    No one wont to hear from Americans that it's to expensive, it a shame.
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    Usb Devices On Cradle

    All my scandisk 2gb usb sticks work....... But when reading movie AVI files the video gets choppy and the sound dose not sync. The files are around 700mb and are of the sort you download from the net via P2P. Allso when I run Pykaraoke of a 60gb usb HD the music pops and chirps and I think...
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    F100. F200. F800? Yup, A New Gph Model In The Works.

    what about the Commodore/Amiga? The Amiga came to market in this order; 1000, 2000, 500, 1500, 2500, 3000, 3000UX, 500+, 3000T, CDTV, 600, 4000, 1200, CD32, and 4000T. The Commodore came to market in this order; Commodore KIM-1 - single board computer, Commodore PET, Commodore VIC-20...
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    Our New Machine, Pandora

    l have to say I think I'm starting to hate all of you. :) as for a web bowser, maybe use the sorce from a old version of firefox. I think it has less overhead.
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    Our New Machine, Pandora

    After reading all the post over the last few week and posting now and then, and getting my suggesting for a 3 way accelerometer dissembled of hand for adding to much to the cost and adding more moving parts, how fast the mob mentality changes , l have to say I think I'm starting to hate all of...
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    New Gp2x F-200

    I'm happy about the new gp2x, I'm going to get the new one, and install my old one as a media player for my 1974 260z. Install a usb hub, and SD slot, and maybe a small hard drive, all under the dash with a nice video diplay built into the dash. All I need to do figure out that to use as a...
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    Gp3x And Its Competition

    I just did a search for "games PMP", and I found lot's of competition coming down the road for the gp2x/gp3x or what ever it end up being called. The new hand has a lot to live up to after what I've seen. just check it out This one have...
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    Gp2x Video Converter V0.1a

    nice now all we need one for Linux , with a cool interface like this one.
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    Mame Gp2x 4.7

    I cat seem to get moonwalker to work, also outrun crashes mane when you try to exit to the main menu. thanks for the hard work
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    Gp3x And Its Competition This thing couldl suck up some sale's if it comes out by the holiday's. It's a hardware emulator and PMP, it uses fpga to emulate hardware. 1 it's Opensource 2 2gb SD cards 3 music and video playback 4. it's ugly now but will sell in a sleek clam shell case...
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    Are Gp2x Sales That Bad?

    the gp2x wont be dead for year, for example to day I saw a old homeless man playing with a Game boy classic, and latter a goth girl on the train playing a GB color. What I'm saying is it wont be dead tell ever working unit have broken down. Hell people are still writing games for the c64, nes...
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    Craigix Discloses Information On New Gp2x?

    1. Audio in port, for micro music, games, and for taking note's, maybe even some type skype or team speak type app. 2. solid state Acceleration Sensor/ motion sensor/ no moving parts. You can get them for $3 each or less in bulk. 3. I hope the letter on the keyboard are printed with good...
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    Craigix Discloses Information On New Gp2x?

    How about a tilt sensor or motion sensor? Some GBA games use it, and I can see being used in 3d shoots, puzzle games, and all kinds of home brew. Maybe even add a plugin for the user interface, rotate hand held to scroll or some thing more creative, i'm sleepy.