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  1. hmc

    How to find out which Pandora model I have?

    Hi, I have several Pandoras I heavily modified and swapped mainboards etc... so I now don't remember which Pandora has what hardware configuration inside. I vaguely remember there was a script or PND that checks the system and shows information about which kind of Pandora it is run on? But I...
  2. hmc

    iFuse for iPhone / iPod access

    Hi guys, tomorrow I'll go on a trip with only the Pandora and the iPhone with me. Now I just stumbled across iFuse, a userspace driver for iPhone/iPod file system access. It would be great to have this on the Pandora, too...
  3. hmc

    8086tiny - PC XT emulator interesting for really old DOS games?

    Hi guys, although most of what it can do can probably also be done with DOSBox, but maybe this is interesting to someone: On Raspberry Pi: Project homepage: When I have some time, I may try to compile and...
  4. hmc


    Hi guys, the author of NoteCase Pro considers to change the GUI toolkit from GTK2 to QT5. He asked me, if there are QT5 packages available in the Pandora OS, so that NoteCase Pro will still run on the Pandora after such a "port" (it will be a rewrite of the application mainly). WIll this...
  5. hmc

    Gameboy emulator with "link cable" support?

    Hi guys, does one of the available gameboy emulators support connecting two instances running on two different Pandoras (via network connection perhaps) to play together, as two Gameboys connected with the "link cable"?
  6. hmc

    What do you recommend for multi-player gaming?

    Hi guys, I'm looking for advice what games / emulators are suitable for multiplayer games. I mean such kind of games where two (or even more) persons each have one controller and simultanously control one game character. I realize some of the emulators are able to use Wiimotes. Just tried with...
  7. hmc

    What simple game controller to use for emulators

    Hi guys, when gaming with the Pandora, I usually don't use a seperate game controller. However, I'd like to be able to play some 2-player games with my daughter in emulators such as SNES, MD etc, using TV-OUT. What kind of external game controller can you recommend for it? I don't know...
  8. hmc

    Keyboard light enabler is almost ready. Q: What can go into the firmware, what to put into PND?

    A question to those people here, who are responsible to decide what to put into the official firmware:   My keyboard light enabler plugin for configbutton and the scripts around it are ready and work well. Before I create a PND:  Besides the actual configbutton plugin, there are two scripts...
  9. hmc

    XFCE configuration for .next

    Hi guys, after I spammed the current test image thread with the discussion about the XFCE configuration / panel layout for .next (sorry for that), I'd now like to continue the discussion over here. The poll should give a general image of the tendency, as my suggested configuration raised some...
  10. hmc advice: keyboard light automatic switching

    deleted See post #4 - Binky
  11. hmc

    Reading value from /sys/class/... from C code

    Hi guys, I need some advice from you please! I need to read the integer value (0 .. 255) from /sys/class/leds/pandora::keypad_bl/brightness into a variable in my C code (the keyboard light configbutton plugin). How can I do this properly? I have tried two approaches (the target variable is...
  12. hmc

    WiFi slowdown / stalling. Advice?

    Hi guys, I'm having trouble with one of my Pandoras. The WiFi seems to be broken I did some tests using wget, fetching a 200MB file from my web server, observing the throughput wget reports. Following results: Test with a reference Pandora, that works well: 500..700K/s (abt. 5..6 minutes...
  13. hmc

    Port request: "KDEPIM/PI" PIM suite

    This was a very comprehensive and efficient PIM suite on the Sharp Zaurus, see also my recent posting here: I could not make it compile on the Pandora yet, however, I am not an...
  14. hmc

    "Default Browser" on Pandora?

    Hi guys, there does nto seem to be a working "Default browser" configuration by default. Any application using the system's "execute" API with a web URL, which normally opens the default browser in the system with that URL, simply fails on the Pandora. Also, URLs in the Xfce terminal emulator...
  15. hmc

    Microphone usage with ALSA?

    Hi guys, I want to port a program to the Pandora. It uses Microphone input using OSS, JACK or ALSA. My guess was, that ALSA is the best choice, so I disabled JACK support and am now trying to configure ALSA. However, it doesn't work. Maybe someone can help? I can successfully record audio...
  16. hmc

    Idea: PXML enhancement to define TV-Out type (main layer or overlay)

      Hi guys,   it happens often to me, that I don't remember, which kind of TV-Out I have to use for a specific application, game or emulator. Especially if you only occasionally use a program, remembering may be hard.   So what about a PXML specification and pndlib implementation...
  17. hmc

    Firmware suggestion: "Java is not installed" dialog

    If the Java PND has not been executed yet to install Java, how about if there was a script /usr/bin/java preinstalled in Pandora OS, that triggers a zenity infobox, stating that Java is not installed and asking the user to install it via the Java PND (giving the repo URL or even starting...
  18. hmc

    Firmware inclusion request to ED: script for keyboard LED illumination control

    Hi, should this be requested this way and done by ED or some other Pandora OS maintainer, or should I make such changes by myself using git or something? If I should do this by myself, can anyone give some initial hints please? I am not familiar with contributing to the Pandora OS yet. The...
  19. hmc

    "Palmtop Meeting" in Pforzheim

    Hi guys, anyone here from Southern Germany or Eastern France or so, who is interested in joining our regular "Palmtop Meeting" that's normally in Stuttgart, but this time in Pforzheim? So far this was a meeting organized for users of the HP 200LX Palmtops, but as the number of 200LX users gets...
  20. hmc

    TV-Out cables: I sell one more small batch

    Hi guys,   since a customer of mine wanted a TV-Out cable, I made an entire batch (6 pcs). One for the customer, one for me, so 4 cables are for sale now.     Specs: Length: abt. 5 meters Connectors: Pandora EXT connector on one side (of course), 3x RCA plugs (="Cinch" in Europe) Mode: Only...