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  1. disjfa

    New Website: Pandora Video Vault

    Why not just register tot the rss on the youtube pages?
  2. disjfa

    eeePC booting in 5 seconds

    Sure you can. Just build your own kernel and mod youre pandora so boots in 5 seconds.
  3. disjfa

    Release Idea for making shared Pandora SD cards ..

    If we make a good guide for software i think that would be better than jam packed sdcards with software. I rather know what apps i have and download just the ones i like. But a guide is always useful to have,
  4. disjfa

    i want a pandora, what do i do?

    You mean a desktop environment. Linux has those too. Most of the times for desktop computers installed :P What do you think, linux people only use the command line? :P
  5. disjfa

    How do you actually port a game?

    Why can`t you just post that game here : viewtopic.php?f=2&t=141 And just learn how to code by buyin a book or just erad the forum and join others so you learn to code for the pandora. And if you know how to code you can try and port the game if it isn`t ported yet. Or just mail the creators...
  6. disjfa

    Sales What the fuck? ( link taken down...)

    Nope. Like more people i`m still waiting te get my refund and pay the people for my hardware. But not like others i don`tbitch about it :P Just relax, drink a beer and wait for other ways to pay.
  7. disjfa

    Release skype on pandora

    Than buy a computer and compute. Do what every one else does. If you want to follow trend. You shouldn`t buy a pandora couse there are only 4thousand or so peaple who want it. That`s not trend.
  8. disjfa

    Release skype on pandora

    Still. Skype is a closed source protocol. Why would anyone in the world want a handheld based on open source want a closed source progam. Listen to PoisenedV! Think people!
  9. disjfa

    Sales Why I might just give up on ordering...

    Just wait and contact the store. They are probably still refunding paypal orders so they haven`t just yet mailed you the info. I`m still waiting for my refund, but i trust the people selling here. Just wait and chill for a couple of days. Contact the store if you have to. Don`t get an eee just...
  10. disjfa

    One thing missing from the Pandora...

    And standalone solar panels are for sale in shops. I presume you can get a cable to charge the pandora. And next year a range of flexible solar panels are coming in store. (click (dutch) click)
  11. disjfa


    What if there was a way for someone other than EA willingly to make a the sims clone for the pandora. that would attract more women. Only i don`t think anyone in their right mind would wanna make such a thing.
  12. disjfa

    Scattered forums

    Close this one or maby set the pandora pages here so we can onlye read pandora fora :)
  13. disjfa

    Release For all of us

    Another board isn`t the best option i think. A softwareguide would be nice. But that can better be intergrated on this site so teh base people can organise. And building such a page isn`t the most dificult in the world. I have an appspace on my site wich i was intended to use for apps like...
  14. disjfa

    Who manufactures Pandora ?

    And you disagree with blowing up plants :? :P So that means youre an enviramentalist or something! But i don`t need to know. I just want the finished product. What I do like to know is howmany will be roling off the production belt each day :)
  15. disjfa

    [Outdated!] PayPal buyers at the German GP2x Shop

    Re: PayPal buyers at the German GP2x Shop ( READ! What the f. You buy an open source handheld from a site who like to make there product. No you have no security what so ever, you trust people to delever goods what you pay for. And for the latter they try and other companies get in...
  16. disjfa

    [Outdated!] PayPal buyers at the German GP2x Shop

    Re: PayPal buyers at the German GP2x Shop ( READ! Got a mail from He still doesn`t know anything. So i think the best thing to do is wait for paypal to fix things for de shops. Refund all the money. Bitch here about paypal. Pay the man somehow and game when the pandora...
  17. disjfa

    [Outdated!] PayPal buyers at the German GP2x Shop

    Re: PayPal buyers at the German GP2x Shop ( READ! Can you check who`s money you already have so we won`t be in this mess with paypal. And ask paypal they won`t bitch about the money you withdrawed already. So we first batch people don`t have to worry about youre paypal mess :P Or...
  18. disjfa


    Only 100. That`s like 25.000 euros. Thats a lot of money. But my money still is gone. I wanna know more about what they are gonna do about it and send the money back so i can pay again or via bank transfer.