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    Zombies Vs Pirates

    I didn't add a novelty answer, as it's all about the zombies and the pirates "Uuuurgh!" vs "Yarrr!"
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    The Best Feeling In The World

    What is, for you, the best feeling in the world, for instance mine is just coming out of a shower and slipping on some jeans with change in the back pocket, don't know why. Second best is lying in bed, and realising you left your socks on, cos when you pull them off, your feet always feel tingly...
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    Dodgy Psp Screen

    Heya gang. Today i talk to you on a serious note. I was playing my new psp in the dark just now, and noticed a thing. The last about a third of the screen is slightly off-colour. Pictures follow: This is begnning to annoy me. Now, the psp has a 30day warranty from gamestation, does anyone...
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    Custom Psp Backgrounds

    I just thought it would be neat to share the backgrounds you have made. Here are mine, they aint great, but they are psp sized. (GTA one is blurry 'cos the pallette sucked)
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    Would U

    Would u say no if this was lying naked in ur bed
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    Googlewhack Experiment

    in IT class ive been asked to find 10 friends and ask them to googlewhack anything totally random and print out my results, id rathr do it wit u guys so..... go ahead, top ten results will win absoloutly bugger all. BTW no ponchos, they do not deserve to be in this thread as they are evil
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    Whats Wrong With This Section

    4 sum reason all the new posts appear on the last page of the reviews section, Why???
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    What Next Gen Hand Held

    i was just wondering, also post 1 reason each why ur choosing it. :)
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    Bad News

    Its About catacoumbs im sorry paul but its not gonna be released i dont have time to learn C++ anymore so i can't compile the game :( its sad cause i have recreated each level to be almost th same as the orignal version they atlest are the same design just diff textures. I should update...
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    Please Could Somebody

    i bought a nec E616v mainly for its ability to play MP3s and i found out that it only transfers files 5000kb long, it accepts WMA MP3 3GA AAC ASF MID or MIDI files but what i want to transfer: Wonderboy (5,775kb) and Fat Lip (11,968kb) are too big so if i e-mailed the mp3s to some one, could...
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    Small Amount Of Help Required tells me to "Highlight XviD and hit the configure button." but i dont have it, i just have these any ideas
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    Any One Like...

    listen to this docu Click Listen
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    Yafl Skin

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    Fave Game Music

    mines Final Fantasy whats urs
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    Ur Fave Homebrew

    its been done to the death, but i thought id have a go now post your fave homebrew and fave emu game here like this 1) Fave Homebrew, because 2) Fave Snes, MD, MS, CPC, Atari etc game, because
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    i saw the front page and i thought it would be cool to try it on my gp but there seepms to be no download but there is a screeny , so it must be out mustnt it?
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    I Want To

    i want to unblock it from 3 mobile and put a virgin sim in it, what are the main repercussions and stuff? can i not use the 3 services and video call people? BTW thats not my hand
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    any one know if a new issue of pintsized is being made, i liked that, and want more, more, more
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    hi i have just placed my order for a 166mhz upgrade, and will report on the service as it happens, it seems pretty good so far
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    How To Download Divx Movies

    how do i download the files of i try to but windows media player opens it instead of that box which askes where i want to save it