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  1. gibberish

    [SOLD] Pandora Classic for sale in UK

    I tried to sell it on eBay, but somehow attracted a time waster from Mauritius who bid a ridiculous amount and never paid. I relisted it this morning but it was then taken down for apparently infringing copyrights. So I've had enough of eBay for now and thought I'd stick it on here. It's in...
  2. gibberish

    Revo K101 - GBA Clone ( formally "competition time" thread )

    Check here for details... This time you have a chance to win simply by coming up with the name for the device... no Photoshop skills necessary in part 1 of the competition. Edit: Before you...
  3. gibberish

    Win A K1 Reverse Engineered Gba!

    Finally there’s some news regarding this marvellous machine. If you head on over to obscurehandhelds you’ll see that the mass production run of K1 handhelds has begun and they’re going to be making their way over to an English language store for sale very soon. It’s taken far too long, but I am...
  4. gibberish

    Win a K1 reverse engineered GBA

    Sorry if this is considered spam, I'm just trying to spread the word for anyone interested. The K1 has been in development for so long now, but it's finally being mass produced. In short, it's a reverse engineered GBA SP with it's own cart called the K-Card. It supports pretty much 100% of the...
  5. gibberish


    So I read yesterday that the wifi problem has actually been acknowledged as a fault with the hardware. When I first got my Pandora in May 2010 I spent weeks trying to get help with this but was just repeatedly told that my router was probably at fault. Wifi problems, along with the very...
  6. gibberish

    how can i tell if it's charging?

    i don't think i've ever had a fully charged pandora, i'd need to wait around for about 14 hours at the rate it seems to charge. but my question is, what indicator is there that the machine is charging? sometimes a solid red light turns on at the right hand side, other times it blinks and other...
  7. gibberish

    What's The Deal With Charging Time?

    I've just dusted off my Pandora since it finally looks like PS1 and N64 emulation is picking up pace! Plus if my #350 pandora is faulty then it needs to find its fault before May since the warranty runs out then... I remember it took ages to charge, but it really does take bloody ages. Like 4...
  8. gibberish

    Replacing An Old Gba Screen

    from what i've read in online stores, the back/front lit gba sp screen is not compatible with the original gba hardware. has anyone ever tried it and can confirm that this is the case? did there ever exist some kind of adaptor that sits between the socket on the board and the lcd ribbon cable to...
  9. gibberish

    Are The Latest Emulator Versions All On The Appstore?

    I could be wrong but it seems not, skimming through snes and n64 it seems like there are splintered versions posted around that never make it. Defeats the point of an appstore doesnt it? I just want to make sure I'm using the latest (fastest, most compatible) versions of each emulator.
  10. gibberish

    Want To Emulate But You Are Broke V2

    ok not as broke as the other machine, $127 is a fair amount of money. but still, this 7" netbook thing is running an ingenics JZ4750, similar (but upgraded) to the one inside the dingoo. the machine is already running linux too, so i imagine recompiling the emulators coded for dingoo may give...
  11. gibberish

    The Icontrolpad May Have Competition
  12. gibberish

    Wifi Slowness - Hardware Or Software?

    i cant get any higher than ~60 kilobytes/s on my connection, which usually gives 2400 kilobytes/s wired and 1100 kilobytes/s on a wireless g card. also, if i try to download anything larger than about 1 megabyte the transfer ends up corrupted. i imagine the second issue is software related, how...
  13. gibberish

    Mupen64Plus Compatibility List

    Apologies if it's already been started, i did look but couldn't see one. If you'd like to contribute a game to the list please post it in here - something like this: "Not Working" means that the game either will not load, crashes, graphics are too corrupted or it runs too slow to be playable...
  14. gibberish

    Dosbox Tutorial?

    I've never used it before, but I have used DOS before when I was a kid. Firstly, what am I supposed to be running, "Dosbox" or "Dboxfe"? Secondly, I put one game in the following location: appdata/dosbox/games/crystalcaves I know how to navigate there in DOS, but how do I mount the "Games"...
  15. gibberish

    The Audio Input

    Just wondering what type of connector it is so that I can plug an audio input into the back and record it?
  16. gibberish

    Are My Permissions Set Incorrectly?

    I cant seem to browse further than 1 layer deep on either the NAND or my SD cards. I can get into "Pandora" on my SD card but cannot get any deeper than that. I can get into "USR" (for example) on the NAND but i cannot get any deeper than that. It is just unresponsive when I try, nothing...
  17. gibberish

    Ed, Craigix, Mweston - Anyone

    firstly, is this normal? idling with wifi off i seem to be losing 1% on the battery meter every 2 - 3 minutes... secondly, something is up with charging. if i unplug the charger and plug it back in, 9x of out 10 it wont charge the pandora. i have to reboot pandora with the charger plugged in...
  18. gibberish

    How Do You Quit Psx4Pandora?

  19. gibberish

    My Volume Is Too Low

    the volume on my pandora is really really low. if i'm watching a movie i have to sit within 3 inches of the speakers to properly hear it. music is only marginally better (because it's mastered louder i guess). i have checked the alsa mixer and everything is up full, and so are the volume...
  20. gibberish

    Psx For Pandora Compatibility List

    Afternoon all, I was thinking that we should get some compatibility list going for PSX4Pandora, so I made a simple spreadsheet on Google Docs. I've relied heavily on these lists in the past with my original XBOX and also on my PC with N64 roms so I'm hoping it might be helpful for us lot too...