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Aug 15, 2008
The 2unready Game


So this is my Thread, for suggestions of improvements, etc..



Improvements over unready:

-AI Enemies


-Improved OSS and new ALSA Support (only working on x86, not working on Pandora, whyever)

-Loadable Levels (Lol, got a lot of Fun playing my /var/log/lastlog as lvl xD )



-More Bug and Segfaults, use them to not loose^^ (Update: corrected most of them now ^^ )

-Life-Energy, so you dont always die immediately.



Also planed two other ports for the competition but didnt made them in time, will probably release them later...
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Do you have a video of the game or some additional screenshots? I would love to understand the principle of this game but I don't get much out of this one screenshot..
^ Just to add some context, take a look at its predecessor from an earlier competition:


It's a sidescroller (autoscrolling) in which you basically have to avoid the obstacles. 2unready builds on the original with roguelike elements. It's still an autoscroller, but instead of just dodging elements you have enemies that chase you, items to pick up, teleports etc. I'm yet to give this a serious play; hopefully tonight.
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I am really positively impressed and surprised by this game.

Sure it's no masterpiece, but still a great improvement over the first version and quite some fun to play every now and then.

It's nice to see what you can create in a "simple" terminal window.
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