A question for those that had Pandoras and have their Pyras now

Ok, here's my list of stuff of which I think the Pyra Improved compared to the Pandora:

- The desktop experience, it's faster and more mature
- The screen resolution, good enough to read comics without zooming in. It does make it more obvious I need glasses though.
- Nubs are better, too bad about the spring sound but it's no deal breaker.
- The extra keys are very welcome but tbh I liked typing on the pandora a bit better.
- Keyboard backlight, it's so nice to be able to see the keys in the dark.
- Connectivity, Wi-Fi, Buetooth, USB, all function better than they did on the Pandora.

The most important things yet to improve (imo) are the video hardware acceleration, the audio and the battery life.
Some front-end GUI to "patch" keys, sensors, rumble motor etc. to game in/outputs would also be a nice addition.

The fact that HDMI is not working correctly yet doesn't bother me at all, besides the Pandora and Pyra I also have a GPD MicroPC which has among other things, a nice, well working full size HDMI on the back so I'll use that instead if I want to use it on a TV projector or desktop monitor.

So... all in all the Pyra seems to be the better device but for me it still lacks the soul that the Pandora has. Often the Pandora is still my go-to machine when I want to play a game on a handheld and I grab the MicroPC when I need to do desktop productivity or video and network things. The Pyra I grab when I feel like tinkering but that usually doesn't take very long.

So unfortunately the Pyra does not get the attention and time it deserves yet.
In due time when the Pyra is matured more and more people have a Pyra, it's ecosystem will become more lively that might change.
Did you try to lock the cpu at 1 Ghz? ED said, it would solve the heat problem, not sure about the battery usage duration, but the baterry life should be longer then, too
Well, you could well do both in that situation. If you've moved enough work off the CPU onto the GPU and other computing devices, then it would make sense to ramp back the CPU if it doesn't need to run fast.
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I wonder, am i the only one was had the Plan to use this Thing also as a "Desktop Replacement" ? I know its just 2 x 1,3 ghz, and 4 gb RAM is a Joke when you see other divices around.., im currently waiting until the HDMI works, then i just have to connect a USB Hub whit HDD, Keyboard, and maybe a USB DVD Rom Drive if i would ever buy one.., the Mouse is Bluetooth anyway..
The Desctop PC whit ARM who is currently for preeorder on Dragonbox Shop sounds also cool, but i dont know if this would make sense for me.
I wonder, am i the only one was had the Plan to use this Thing also as a "Desktop Replacement" ?
Not as a desktop replacement for me, but hopefully as a daily driver. Although I'm wondering how better / worse it might be compared with my current >8-year-old X220 ThinkPad (8GB) for compiling...
Only improved thing that is really noticable for me is the better screen.

I don't have one obviously, but your statement seems a little unbelievable. Do you really believe there is only one single noticable improvement over the pandora? Did you really see no improvement in other areas due to the faster processor, more RAM, more storage, more ports, mobile connectivity, extra buttons, improved keymat, backlighting etc. etc.?
I think its depends on your OS, the 2 x 1,3 ghz in the Pyra dosnt sounds that much, but whit Debian HF its dosnt have to be that fast, i think i will use it as Desktop when HDMI would run finally.. Shure 8 x ARM Core from the Phytium PC sounds cool, but what to do whit this much?
I want to play a bit Emulator stuff from Atari to Dreamcast, some Ports, and the rest might be a bit Internet and "Word and Exel Tasks"..
A faster processor to make gameboy games smoother?
More ram for a bigger irc backlog?
More storage for a device that runs completely of SD cards?
4 usb ports that i need none of?
A non working modem?
More buttons i will never press?
A keymatt that i dislike compared to the pandora one?
A backlight that sirrs and eats a ton of battery?

And i only have to trade for a bigger case and less battery time, what a steal.
Its more than Gameboy, even if the Pandora also got a Dreamcast Emulator, i wantet to wait for the Pyra to try it out.. and a faster processor is also usefull for Internet stuff, as some of these banners eat a lot of power and it wasnt fun whit the Pandora..
same as whit ram..
The Storage makes sense if you not only wants to be limited on the DBPs from the Repo as you can also have the whole Debian Repo via Synaptic or Terminal, so 32 gb are much better than 256 mb if you ask me..
The USB Ports are nice to have when you want to copy stuff from one USB Stick to a second whitout the need to copy first to the SD and then to the second Stick.., but at home you would only need one port to put a HUB in, allthough whit 2 USB you could come quite far: put a HDMI in, one USB for a External Keyboard, the other for a Stick or something, and Mouse via Bluetooth..
If i remember correctly the Modem should work if someone writes a software for it,
More Buttons are Great because you dont need to remember how to write the Umlaute (äöü) , just push FN and the Button where it is..
Also: whit 4 Shoulderbuttons you have the Usefull modifiers everytime at reach, you only need to remember which side was which ..

The keymat is a mather of taste, im fine whit it.. and the Backlight is controllable via FN, shift and the Backlight Key so can easly shut down..

Batterie Live should be improved, but just like on the Pandora, its something that i wouldnd suspect on this still early state..
A backlight that sirrs and eats a ton of battery?
I guess I'm getting older, not hearing any sounds from the backlight on mine. also not getting bad battery life on mine, although haven't really put it through the motions yet.
Just letting everyone know my video review of the Pandora is going out at 4PM EST today:
I know everyone's opinions of the Pandora are probably crystallized now, but I'm going to do one of these on the Pyra too so I'd be interested in any feedback anyone might have on how to make this better when I do the followup on the Pyra.
Hmm, I'd been hearing before that the keyboard feel would be better, but people don't seem to be saying that. If I don't much like the Pandora's keyboard, will I like this one better?
I also ditnt notice noise from the Backlight, maybe you should send in your Pyra for RMA as something seems to be a bit wrong..
I have noise from the Nubs, and i had the sound issue until i screw a bit around in ALSA..
Hmm, I'd been hearing before that the keyboard feel would be better, but people don't seem to be saying that. If I don't much like the Pandora's keyboard, will I like this one better?
To me the keyboard does feel better, but it is more crowded than the Pandora's keyboard as it has a lot more keys, I have to slow down my typing a bit.
Hmm, I'd been hearing before that the keyboard feel would be better, but people don't seem to be saying that. If I don't much like the Pandora's keyboard, will I like this one better?
I think it's personal, the Pandora keys are a bit more stiff and give a good tactile feedback. Though it was a bit getting used to, they are decent to thumb type with.
The Pyra keys are a lot smaller and less stiff, also they wobble a bit. So, while they are easier to press and they haven't miss-registered a key press yet, nor have they put down a double press when I have put in just one, when typing it feels like you have to check whether the key press came through correctly.
My personal conclusion is that the tactile feedback is mediocre, even though the keys function just fine. My preference would go toward a tiny bit stiffer key mat.

Also what TrashyMG says, as there's more keys and they are smaller, it's harder to type fast on them.
Also: the Pandora Keys are a lot "older" than the one in the Pyra: the Rubber dit change over time, maybe some dirt got under the Keymat, so it will feel different than the Pyra Keyboard..
My Pandora should be around 10 Years..
On the Pandora I felt the keyboard was stiffer than I'd like, not all keys took the same amount of force, and I did have some issues with not being sure when I'd actually managed to press one.
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