Android 2.1 On N900.

The old Pandora video was of Android 1.5/1.6.

I'm sure the N900 is only running the same.
Looks can be deceiving?

I hope 2.1 is available and possibly working without flashing/building a custom kernel..
Having 2.1 would certainly get Flash support much quicker. A good substitute while we wait for Flash on PandoraOS.
Sigh.....I don't really see the point of flash except for videos....repos have all the games I need!

Not saying there aren't other uses, I just don't use them/know of them.
I would love to see FroYo on Pandora even if only for the ability to watch Hulu anywhere via BT tether to my 3G android phone. :D

Plus Dolphin Browser HD is pretty cool with gesture-based browsing. Can't wait!
Yep I too would like the option of froyo as another bootable OS, I would probably only boot up in that to access YouTube, but would still be a nice available option

that said, I'm sure id get by if I couldn't