Animal Crossing Ww Clone/similar Game




Screenshot from AC:WW on Nintendo DS

Simple, yet very time-consuming and enjoyable game.

Gp2x memory is bigger that DS and GameCube's ones, so world may be very-very big

I suppose added rpg elements like city dungeon and combat system e.t.c.

Online iterations I think is to be based on discovery codes. Each player may have up to 8(or more) code slots depending on player's gametime/level. The game will take up to 30seconds to check/promt the one code to avoid run through code combinations (but not just the "please wait" screen shown!!!).
Each code may correspond to some game object: new location, new item, new NPC or event
Player with some actions is able to extract contect codes: for example killing monsters until monster drops a item "Monster's Card" and brings that card to the NPC, or codes written on treasure maps...