Anyone Have Any Smashgp Screenshots?


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Nov 9, 2005
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Hey All

I apologize if this post is useless in any way.

I currently read up that Smash GP is coming out for the 2x and I was very interested in its customizability and seemingly fun game play, but with all of this I have yet to see any screenshots to just to see how even the layout looks ect. I have tried looking around for screenshots but I can’t really find anything.

Given its popularity on the GP32 I don’t doubt that it is indeed very fun, but I would really like to see some actual shots so I can see just it looks.

Another main reason I would like to see the game is that I am very interested in making some potential custom characters from scratch for the game too and maybe some other mods for it. If all looks well I could possibly contribute some characters for others to use which would be very neat.

I would appreciate if some people could help me out.

I've had a look around, but the one image that I found doesn't really do it justice as far more characters and areas are available.

Here's Mario vs err.. Mario:

It's basically a 2d version of Smash Bros with scaling intact. ie. when your characters are further apart it zooms out. If you like the N64 or Gamecube versions then you'll feel at home.