Atari 800 Emu


Still Fresh
Jan 19, 2005
:angry: I installed the atari 800 emu, I got the games to load, but can't get them to start. It seems like the joystick is not configured?
I have the 5200 games on as (name of game).A52
I have the atari computer games as (name of game).BIN

I don't know if I need a certain mem file or some other missing file.
please help



Still Fresh
Jan 12, 2005
I am still new to this emulator but here is what I know.

My 5200 games have a .bin extention.
My cart files for the 800 end in .atr.

If the games load and the controls just dont work.
Then you probably need to load a keyboard map file to set the controls.

In the 800 main menu look under "GP32 settings" you will find the selection "Load keyboard map"
Select it and load the right map. The emulator came with several. Select the 5200 map. for 5200.

You can make custom maps for the 800 keyboard. Like I like to play defender. I made a special 800 map for defender and I load that when I play it so the contols are how I like them.