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Mar 7, 2016
Here is Barrier, which is often described as "virtual KVM-switch" although that is not entirely correct (it misses the video part, as it only let you share keyboard and mouse)

Barrier will let you use your keyboard and mouse from one computer to control one or more other computers.
You can choose which machine to control by moving your mouse pointer to the edge of the screen, or by using a keyboard shortcut.

Some possible applications:
  • Control your Media Center PC with your Pyra
  • Type with your notebook's keyboard on the Pyra

Note: There is some strange behaviour in this programm, that scales up the windows on some languages, even if there is plenty of empty space. This is no issue on most desktop systems, but it causes the Server Configuration window to be bigger than the Pyra screen, so if this issue occurs, I would recommend to use english instead, if possible.

As this is my very first dbp, I hope I did not mess something up.


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Oh, nice :D I actually use it at home on my laptop to control my main PC :)
I like it. Will be really useful with the Pyra as well :D
Can confirm its a lovely bit of software been using it for a couple of years now i would recommend looking at input leap which isnt so much as a fork but a "takeover" of the project
@RDF300: Interesting, I wasn't aware of input leap. I will keep that in mind! By now, it looks like barrier is much more well-known, and is supported by a ton of linux distros, but it might be indicated to switch at some point.
Oh, interesting indeed. But no Windows binary yet, and I'm using it on a Windows machine as well.
Oh, interesting indeed. But no Windows binary yet, and I'm using it on a Windows machine as well.
There are binaries in the build artifacts but i wouldn't call them an official release. There was a post in the barrier github which told that the active development would be eventually moving to input-leap but as it's the internet not sure what i can actually trust. I still use barrier on some devices and where i had issues i tried input-leap which was compatible