Beavior of del key


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Jul 21, 2013
Hello, the del key, shift+backspace, shold behave like a del, i.e. delete characters After the cursor. But despite trying with both shift button and left trigger, it is behaving like backspace, deleting characters Before it, just like the backspace (same key without shift).

What can be done about it?
Oddly enough,  in some contexts (eg mousepad, thunar) holding Ctrl and Alt while pressing BS on the pandora will produce DEL, though it doesn't work in every application.

This also means that the normally expected result of this combination fails. I haven't found any context where this combination will restart the X server on the Pandora.

- Neelix
Do you can edit the keymap and change Fn+bs (Insert) to del.

MarTinazzI, rafael.​
^ Would there be any concern making this the default in the firmware if it works the way it should?

I always assumed there is a good reason it was never set this way..
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It doesn't do anything for me.
I rebooted for good measure and it seemed to take, I most likely only needed to logout.. It behaves just like mentioned in that post.

backspace = backspace

fn+backspace acts like delete

shift+fn+backspace(needs to be in that order) acts like insert
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