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Apr 9, 2003
nutribrain posted on Aug 6 2004 at 10:39 AM said:
Huxley posted on Aug 4 2004 at 03:18 PM said:
nutribrain posted on Aug 4 2004 at 02:19 PM said:
BTW, did anyone notice that Play-Asia removed ALL GP32 articles? They're all 'Out of print'. I expect that no commercial game will get a package release in the future. So no Bloody Cross, Pinball Dreams etc.

No more commerial games to collect.
That's just because they're out of stock. Doesn't mean that they won't get new games in when they can.
I don't think they will stock games for the GP32 again. Only probable new releases like e.g. GSaga or Bloody Cross. The past 2 years there were always some 'out of stock' games listed at Play-Asia. But they were restocked some weeks after that. Now it's the first time that they are sold out completely! And in my opinion this states that they dropped the support for the GP32 completely! Just look at other categories like old Wonderswan games. They also have that 'out of stock/ out of print' marker attached. And believe me, it's very unlikely that these items gets restocked.
I second you on that... I'm near sure they won't have restock of those games... maybe new / future ones but not the old ones... they had too much pain to sell them (hummm but at 11 $ they all sold out within 1 day LOL ;op)
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