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Pyra DBP repository (dev talk)

Discussion in 'General Discussions' started by sebt3, May 10, 2017.

  1. sebt3

    sebt3 homebrew player (P. & C.)

    Sep 9, 2008
    This is the devel thread. If you're not ready to commit some code, please use the user thread instead.
    The actual repository code is available on github.
    Any PR posted there will be looked at and probably accepted.
    Technologies :
    • Slim Framework (meaning PHP)
    • bootstrap
    • D3
    • mysql for the database
    Slim is indeed very slim and just follow PSR-7, so if you know PSR-7 already you'll be at home with this micro-framework; Knowing D3 is not a pre-requesite to be able to code here.

    The github readme have a short description on how to get your own instance of the thing to do your devel.

    On a small note, at some point i'll be looking at translating the repo in some languages, so translators will be looked for ;)
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  2. sebt3

    sebt3 homebrew player (P. & C.)

    Sep 9, 2008
    Since someone offered for a german translation, I've worked on the translation.
    This file is revelent for your next translation. The name of the file have to match what your browser say about language
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  3. kuru

    kuru Irate Pyrate

    Jan 13, 2009
    the mockracy
    German draft

    Attached Files:

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  4. Linux-SWAT

    Linux-SWAT Advanced Member

    Feb 13, 2010
    Where is the french file please ?
    --Edit: nevermind, found it.

    --Edit2: I made some corrections to the file.

    Attached Files:

    Last edited: May 13, 2017
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  5. PowerGod

    PowerGod Advanced Member

    Jun 20, 2011
    I noticed that the language files are not consistent with the translations for the language menu (some are still in english, and some are totally translated in the current language), but I think that all of them should share exactly the same strings for every language file for that menu...

    , "English": "English"
    , "French": "Français"
    , "German": "Deutsch"
    , "Italian": "Italiano"
    If someone wants to choose to browse in german, he just knows how "german" is written in german... while if he's browsing in some foreign language that he doesn't know, he just need to find it's preferred language easily.
    I know that the flags can help, but I see no point in a country flag with a foreign word next to it.
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  6. Eight Bit

    Eight Bit Advanced Member

    Nov 16, 2008
    Amsterdam, Netherlands
    I took the liberty to make a dutch version too...

        "Details": "Details"
    ,    "Home": "Home"
    ,    "not allowed": "niet toegestaan"
    ,    "not found": "niet gevonden"
    ,    "Oops! Page not found.": "Uh Oh, pagina niet gevonden."
    ,    "Oops! Permission denied.": "Oops, toegang geweigerd."
    ,    "Oops! Server error": "Sorry, Schroefie los"
    ,    "return home": "terug naar home"
    ,    "server error": "server fout"
    ,    "Server error": "Server fout"
    ,    "Add": "Toevoegen"
    ,    "Again": "Nog eens"
    ,    "App": "App"
    ,    "Apps": "Apps"
    ,    "Cancel": "Annuleer"
    ,    "DBP": "DBP"
    ,    "Description": "Beschrijving"
    ,    "First name": "Voornaam"
    ,    "Forum": "Forum"
    ,    "home": "home"
    ,    "Last name": "Achternaam"
    ,    "License": "Licentie"
    ,    "License name": "licentienaam"
    ,    "list": "lijst"
    ,    "Login": "Login"
    ,    "New password": "Nieuw wachtwoord"
    ,    "Old password": "Oude wachtwoord"
    ,    "Package": "Pakket"
    ,    "Packages": "Pakketten"
    ,    "Password": "Wachtwoord"
    ,    "Pyra sources": "Pyra broncodes"
    ,    "Register": "Registreer"
    ,    "Register a new user": "Registreer een nieuwe gebruiker"
    ,    "Remember Me": "Onthoud mij"
    ,    "Repository": "Repository"
    ,    "Select a DBP file": "Kies een DBP bestand"
    ,    "Select a screenshot": "Kies een schermafdruk"
    ,    "settings": "configuratie"
    ,    "Sign In": "Log in"
    ,    "Sign in to start your session": "Log in om je sessie te starten"
    ,    "Submit": "Verstuur"
    ,    "Type": "Type"
    ,    "upload": "upload"
    ,    "Upload a new DBP file": "Upload een nieuw DBP bestand"
    ,    "Up-stream sources": "Up-stream sources"
    ,    "Up-stream website": "Up-stream website"
    ,    "User": "Gebruiker"
    ,    "Username": "Gebruikersnaam"
    ,    "All apps": "Alle applicaties"
    ,    "All packages": "Alle pakketten"
    ,    "Cannot register while logged in": "Registratie niet mogelijk wanneer je ingelogd bent"
    ,    "Category apps": "Categorie apps"
    ,    "Comment added": "Kommentaar toegevoegd"
    ,    "Description updated": "Beschrijving geupdated"
    ,    "Extracting the metadata failed": "Meta data ophalen mislukt"
    ,    "failed": "mislukt"
    ,    "Failed to login.": "Inloggen niet gelukt"
    ,    "Failed to register": "Registratie niet gelukt"
    ,    "found": "gevonden"
    ,    "is not a supported type": "is geen ondersteund type"
    ,    "Licence updated": "Licentie geupdated"
    ,    "No .desktop file found": ".desktop bestand niet gevonden"
    ,    "No File uploaded": "Geen bestand geupload"
    ,    "No \"Package Entry\" found": "Geen \"Package Entry\" gevonden"
    ,    "Not permitted": "Niet toegestaan"
    ,    "Old password missmatch...": "Oud wachtwoord klopt niet"
    ,    "Parse failed: No package \"Arch\" found": "Verwerking mislukt: pakket \"Arch\" niet gevonden"
    ,    "Parse failed: No \"Package Entry\" section found": "Verwerking mislukt: \"Package Entry\" sectie niet gevonden"
    ,    "Parse failed: No package \"Id\" found": "Verwerking mislukt: geen pakket \"Id\" gevonden"
    ,    "Parse failed: No package \"Name\" found": "Verwerking mislukt : geen pakket met de naam \"Name\" gevonden"
    ,    "Parse failed: No package \"Version\" found": "Verwerking mislukt: geen pakket \"Version\" gevonden"
    ,    "Parse failed: Package \"Id\" too long": "Verwerking mislukt Pakket \"Id\" is te lang"
    ,    "Password changed": "Wachtwoord gewijzigd"
    ,    "Password mismatch": "Wachtwoord incorrect"
    ,    "Password missmatch": "Wachtwoord onjuist"
    ,    "Screenshot added": "Schermafdruk toegevoegd"
    ,    "Searching apps:": "Zoek applicaties:"
    ,    "Succesfully signed out": "Uitgelogd"
    ,    "Upload Failed": "Upload mislukt"
    ,    "URLs updated": "URLs geupdated"
    ,    "Username already registered": "Gebruikersnaam al in gebruik"
    ,    "Welcome": "Welkom"
    ,    "You are not a defined maintainer": "U bent niet als onderhouder gedefineerd"
    ,    "You cannot edit this package": "U kunt dit pakket niet wijzigen"
    ,    "You're not a maintainer": "U bent geen onderhouder"
    ,    "arch": "arch"
    ,    "date": "datum"
    ,    "description": "omschrijving"
    ,    "for package": "voor pakket"
    ,    "id": "id"
    ,    "link": "link"
    ,    "No app": "Geen applicatie"
    ,    "No package": "Geen pakket"
    ,    "package": "pakket"
    ,    "Parsing": "Verwerken"
    ,    "size": "grootte"
    ,    "Sources": "Broncode"
    ,    "uploader": "uploader"
    ,    "Up stream": "Up stream"
    ,    "Up stream sources": "Up stream broncode"
    ,    "version": "versie"
    ,    "Comments": "Kommentaar"
    ,    "Community screenshots": "Community schermafdrukken"
    ,    "Date": "Datum"
    ,    "Download": "Download"
    ,    "Edit": "Wijzigen"
    ,    "md5": "MD5"
    ,    "Officials screenshots": "Officiële schermafdrukken"
    ,    "Select file": "Selecteer bestand"
    ,    "sha1": "SHA-1"
    ,    "Unset": "De-selecteer"
    ,    "Version history": "Versie geschiedenis"
    ,    "Search": "Zoek"
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  7. sebt3

    sebt3 homebrew player (P. & C.)

    Sep 9, 2008
    Added, thanks :)

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