Dvd To Gp32 Audio Help!


Apr 15, 2004
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when using the guide at


on how to totally convert a DVD onto the GP32 i am confused as to how the hell im supposed to get the .WAV audio to load on virtualdub. in the guide (step 2 - DVD2AVI) it says "From the Audio menu, make sure the following is selected: Dolby Digital - Decode " yet, to me this makes about as much sense as an ash- tray on a moterbike as there is no such option. has anyone else got round this problem?
if you are not able to set that 3 things manualy you should forget about encoding stuff/ unsing a gp
Rip the DVD to hd with DVD Decrypter set in IFO mode then use Auto Gordian Knot to create an AVI file for the film/episode etc. Make sure you set the Audio to CBR. Set the size to something sensible like 200 - 300 meg per 30 mins of Video which is plenty good enough as you're going to reduce it even more in Virtual dub. Once you have the avi you can use Virtual Dub to finish the encoding for the GP32 as normal.

Hope that helps.
Also, I highly recommend DVDx to convert the IFOs to AVIs because even though it can be slightly slow, it is very easy and incredibly reliable.

Just search on google and you should be able to find a link to its homepage. ;)