Script Kiddie
Jul 11, 2019
I'm starting a thread for members to share their favourite games. I'm doing this because, well, quite frankly most RPG Maker games are rubbish (IMHO)

But if Pandora owners were to upload their favourite games to this thread, we would all benefit. Fun games recommended by fellow Pandora owners for easy download if the description whets our appetite :cool:

It would also be interesting to see what others enjoy on their Pandoras.

A few housekeeping suggestions before we begin (I don't like imposing regulations. These are some suggestions to maximise the benefit for everyone):
  1. One post = One game. It avoids clutter. (You are not limited to one upload if you have more than one favourite. However please keep each upload to a separate post. Thanks. Note that you may need to wait between uploads to avoid auto-merged posts)
  2. Your post must contain the game to download. (Attach a 7z/zip/rar/tar archive attachment. Please avoid posting links to websites unless there is no other option. e.g. the creator has forbidden uploading their game elsewhere) Please keep the uploads clean. By this I mean avoid editing the files or including your own files/saves in the upload.
  3. Post games "with Screenshots please ;) Otherwise it will be Like a Lottery what for a Game you download." (Thanks @ingoreis for this advice)
  4. When uploading, please include a brief descriptionof why you like it and/or what the game is about. You don't need to write an essay (unless you really want to! lol) but it should be a little more detailed than "I like it"! Seriously, just a few dot points is fine. If you have "writers block" on this, I have included a few suggestions below to get you started:
    1. What attracts you most to the game? The storyline? The graphics? The gameplay? The puzzles? The background music? The overall "look and feel"? Is there a game(s) on other systems that this game reminds you of? (e.g. "The graphics are very similar style to Legend of Mana (SNES)")
    2. What genre would you choose to describe the game? RPG? Action RPG? Adventure? (This would be very helpful for those who have strong preferences for/against certain genres) Optionally include extra genre detail if you want. e.g. Is it a JRPG, Western RPG, dungeon-crawler, Rogue-like etc.
    3. How long (roughly) would you estimate it to take to beat? (Assuming you have beaten the game. If you haven't beaten it, you may want to mention that. The point being we don't know if it is possible to play the game to completion on the Pandora port)
    4. What age rating would you consider this game to be equivalent to? Could members let their children play this game? (Please consider using spoiler tags to hide screenshot(s) if you post any 18+ games. Thanks)
    5. Did you notice any performance issues that members should be aware of? If so, please mention what Pandora model you are using. (e.g. "This Zelda remake does slow down on my 1G Pandora whenever there is 3 or more enemies onscreen.") This would prewarn CC owners.
  5. As a courtesy to other members, If the game has plot twists and/or a strong storyline (well for a RM2K game that is) than please avoid spoilers in your game description and screenshot(s).
  6. As a courtesy to the creators, I recommend giving the creator(s) credit in your post (Assuming you know who they are. If you can't remember where you got this game, try checking the game folder for a .txt or .doc)
  7. Finally, this should be bleeding obvious but you need to have played the game before uploading! (You don't need to have beaten the game. I want to avoid the (admittedly unlikely) scenario of members posting games that look good but they have never played!)


Script Kiddie
Jul 11, 2019
Without further ado, let us begin. I'm kicking off with my favourite RM2K3 game.


  • Title: Sunset over Imdahl
  • Creator: Teo Mathlein (H3Who)
  • Site downloaded from: ??? (Had this for years. Forgotten where I got it from!)
  • Genre: Adventure
  • Estimated Age Rating: PEGI 12
  • Estimated time to beat: ~2 to ~5 hours
  • Beaten game? = Yes. (Fully completed but not on Pandora)
  • Known performance issues on Pandora? = Some animated cutscenes have a fancy graphical effect (shimmer, fog) and this does cause a slight slowdown on my 1G. This is annoying but it is .

  • Graphics = Nice. Good use of colour. Fake light and shadow effects. Charming art style.
  • Storyline = Excellent. Well OK it's not up with the masterpieces that SQUARESOFT used to produce. But it's the best plot I have seen for a non-commercial RM2K3 game. I can't give much more detail without giving away spoilers.
  • Length = Short (but I prefer a satisfying short game over one that artifically pads out the length through grinding and pointless fetch quests)
  • Gameplay = If you like battle heavy RPGs, I'm afraid this is not for you. This is an adventure. It doesn't have a huge open world. You won't spend hours levelling up your party. Trying not to give away major spoilers, I will say this much:
    The game revolves around time travel. This is hinted at in the opening cutscene and your character eventually learns about this early on in the game. A terrible tragedy has occurred. By travelling back in time, can your character make enough changes to alter the course of history?
  • What would I change about the game? The new game opening cutscenes feel way too long. Trimming these and/or adding the option to skip/fast text through these would curb the impatience to get to the actual gameplay. There is a storyline-required mini-game partway through the game that can be very frustrating for some players.
  • What I like about the game: Plotline. Gameplay. Graphics. Short length. Post-game secrets to discover! (I won't spoil what these secrets are.)
You will find a door in the game that you can't open. Do not worry that you have no means of opening it. Do not waste hours trying to find a key for this door at this point in the game. Remember this doors location for later...


  • Sunset over Imdahl.7z
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