Edgepad 0.1


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May 15, 2003
Newark, UK
After several frustrating weeks of hunting for very strange bugs I have finally got my notepad app into a useable state :)

It will work with a chatboard, or for those of you without one you can use the edgewrite system (see http://gp32.sector808.org/edgewrite.php for more info, and make sure you put http://gp32.sector808.org/edgechar.cfg into gpetc).

Usage -

Default input is edgewrite in rotated mode. Press select to switch to diagonal mode if your joystick will handle it.
Press start to switch to chatboard/cursor mode. The stick will now move the cursor around, and if you have a chatboard you can press sms, www, email or shift+backspace to switch it to text mode and start typing. Shift+space will toggle caps lock, there are some extra punctuation characters available on the bottom row, and the cursor keys may work (see below for more info). Use shift+p for return.
There's no interface for loading/saving yet, but if you want to test loading/saving then press a+b to save to gpmm/ep.txt (or place a smallish (something less than 32k but maximum size can vary) text file called ep.txt into gpmm to have it load at launch). Saving will pause input for a second or two.

Chatboard quirks -

These chatboards are strange things, and will behave in what appear to be wierd and wonderful ways if you're not expecting it.
Firstly, the chatboard will default to numeric mode. This means that only the numbers, cursors, and backspace will return anything, but not what you might be expecting (2 will return a, 3 will return d. 4=g, 5=look at your mobile and take a guess ;)).
To get out of numeric mode you need to press www, email, sms, or shift+backspace. You can also use phonebook, but that freezes the chatboard for a few seconds.
The chatboard will return to numeric mode if you press shift+backspace, yes, no, or you press backspace more times than you've entered characters (the chatboard thinks it has deleted all characters and the sms it was writing has been closed).
The left cursor may stop working (same reason as for the backspace problem). Right cursor always seems to work.


And finally the really interesting thing - press left+right to display the first 50 characters as a scrolling ticker! Communicate with your friends at ranges greater than the 10m rf link limit! only one gp32 required! ;)
sounds very nice i'll get a chatboard just for this if it can save text files etc...
heh.... cool.
Egdewritings fun....
And a good way to test the hell out of my diagonals fix. Seems my upper-rights could need some tweeking.

Good idea - and good solution to difficult diagonals by adding the "fix mode".
can you use this without a chatboard? as i dont hav one

all i was getting was ........


edit - nm i got it, went to the actual edgewrite site for the code line things :D
Here is version 0.2

Haven't got round to adding load/save dialogs yet, but you can use multiple files in this version with the link support (based on wiki links).

To link to a new document use [ and ] (shift + q and w on the chatboard) like this -


When you press A with the cursor over that link, it will save the current document and try to open another called link1.txt. If link1.txt doesn't exist then you will get a new blank document (called link1.txt). The text within the link is used to create the filename (up to 8 chars), and it will stop at a space.

Eg. [item1 - this is the first item] will create a link to a file called item1.txt and [a_long_link] will link to a file called a_long_l.txt. All files are currently created in gpmm, but a configuration option will be added shortly so you can specify the folder to be used.