entware, gbax.com, play-asia lik-sang


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Nov 1, 2002
hi there'

Why is everybody always talking about these 'gbax.com, play-asia lik-sang'
has somebody ordered directly at entware.com?? Is there any problem ?
I think the games and the the gp32 itself is very cheap there ???
the normal version without any duty or so is between 133 and 140Euro the last weeks
and the FLU version is at 173Euro up to 180 Euro..

The shipping costs are also okay 20-35Euro (or higher)

The FLU version with shipping is cheaper then at play-asia or lik-sang ??

Am I wrong ?

Thanks and greetings !! :))

I really hope the GP32 gets everyone befor these other handhelds are coming !!

GP32 should have started in europe and usa one year ago! I think everyone would know gamepark :)


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May 6, 2003
I Personally like using Craigs GBAX.com cos of the next day delivery I'm quite impatient and I don't mind paying more if it was more for the quick turn around

Cheers Craig great service (can't wait for the front light kit) :) B)