Estimated time of arrival?


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Jun 1, 2016
Is there any estimates for when I will receive a unit if I preorder it now?

I have seen "before the end of the year", but are there any more specific dates?

Honestly not really, couple of factors
1) Currently we have enough pre orders to do 1,000 units. Only if we break it up into 2 batches of 500. With 2-4 weeks inbetween batches. This can change depending on pre-orders
2) We still need to order parts which can have lead times and have the PCB's made
3) Finalize testing the hardware to make sure all the kinks are ironed out and get prototypes out to dev's and others
4) Fix any hardware errors and get back revisions
5) Finalize the case design and have them made, which will have a lead time, ED should be getting final cases this week or next
6) Assemble and ship the orders

I'm sure im missing a lot of other things that still need to be done, but that is the short and sweet.
A very very optimist timeline would be the first units shipping early-mid september at the earliest. That is will everything going perfectly
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As prototypes are currently being tested (and will shortly be sent out to devs), if there are any major setbacks, we should be hearing about them soon.