Fceu320 V0.1 - Fceux Port For Dingux


Still Fresh
Aug 9, 2009
The best Nes emulator for PC, now on Dingoo :)

Ported by The Gama


- Based on fceux version 2.1.2
- Great compatibility
- Builtin nsf player
- FDS support
NOTE: You must put a copy of your fds bios (disksys.rom)
in the /local/home/.fceux folder.
- Fullscreen support
- Zipped roms


- FDS save states are not working.
- Small gameplay lag.

Not supported

- Movie record/playback
- Frameskip
- Screen filters
- Hight quality sound
- New ppu core (It is just too heavy Sad)
- Custom palettes (Not really tested)
- Nes apu volume settings.


- Create gui for rom browsing and configuration
- Add support for custom palette
- Fix fds save states.


L Shoulder Change FDS disk
R Shoulder Insert/Eject FDS disk
Select + Up Increase cpu rate
Select + Down Decrease cpu rate
Select + Start Exit emulator
Select + L Shoulder Save State
Select + R Shoulder Load State

Download: File Front

Mirror: Media Fire
tested and work very nice :lol:

The compatibility is great, i tested some pirate china games and work fine.

Now my Wiz will be still a good long time. :D

and.... Fceu320 >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> GPFCE

Great to see the emulator on Dingux! I just hope that the gameplay lag gets fixed in subsequent releases. Also, the sound is a bit off - doesn’t sound quite right at the moment.

All we need now is a Gameboy Advance emu for Dingux and then I’ll never have to bother with the native emus ever again!