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Jul 14, 2003
Labrador, Canada
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Review: Tapwave Zodiac PDA
Final Thoughts

Tapwave has their work cut out for them. They need to drive the Zodiac's price down to something gamers will be comfortable paying (perhaps by implementing a more aggressive software royalty structure to offset the loss on hardware). They need to strike deals with more top-tier game publishers -- or at least announce the deals they have made -- because the appearance of broad support is very important to early adopters. Most of all, they need to greatly increase the size of the "only on Zodiac" game library. We're encouraged by the swelling of game industry support Tapwave has told us about but, until we see some actual games and game announcements, it's no incentive to buy the device.

If you're looking for the next great portable game platform, the Zodiac isn't it – not yet, anyway. The hardware is there but the software has a long, long way to go. If all you care about is a great Palm-based PDA, there are more useful and economical solutions, such as the Clie PEG-TJ35 or the PalmOne Tungsten E. What the Zodiac delivers is something wholly unique: a full-fledged PDA with the hardware tweaks, form factor, and controls to play games well. The overall quality and potential of this device only further embarrasses the terrible Nokia N-Gage, which costs about the same but, even with cell-phone capability, is inferior in almost every way.

Zodiac models are shipping this month, but it's a bit of a "soft launch." Tapwave plans to have retail availability between mid-winter and spring, including a presence in game stores such as GameStop and Electronics Boutique, as well as electronics stores.. The goal is to have many more AAA games from many more large-scale publishers by then. We don't review based on potential so, for now, the Zodiac's poor software support is a real Achilles' heel.
But a high proportion of gamers will go 4 the homebrew stuff so a higher priority software royalty then even less people will buy the games due to their higher price. Hmmm, cant actually think of a way they could drive their price down :blink:
Well im getting one, that review sold me. This console seems to have more commercial support then Gp32. So I might be selling my Gp32. Ah the fun times, but the Zodiac is like an Upgrade to the Gp32, kinda what Gp32 should have been, stupid Mitsui. Well I might just and see what gp32's are selling at on ebay, anyone interested in buying it?
I wonder why everyone is interested of Zodiac for homebrew. GP32 and even GBA are much better choices..

First of all controls are bad on Zodiac, on the left is an analog stick which is a real pain in the ass for 2d-games.. Playing Super Mario Bros 3 on Dualshock analog stick, No Thanks :p

Also Where are the action buttons? God don't please tell me they are those 4 on the right ;)

I mean everyone curses n-gage for poor controls but nobody says a word of Zodiac's poor controls? Even N-gage has a better cross stick. I don't get this :blink: :blink:

To me good controls are much more important than speed. I mean what is the purpose if emulator is full speed but you can't play any game? You don't make any progress in games because you die all the time thanks to bad controls.

But if Zodiac is made for 3d then I couldn't care even less about it :lol:
i personally arent that attracted to the zodiac.. the qaction buttons are close together like the prototype. I also dont want a PDA thingamabob, i only really want retro emulation for stuff like MSX, c64 and such..

And as the review sad, software support sUCKS!!!
I use my gp for gaming.

and i also have an old psion 5 mx (pda) for sceduling and stuff. i can even check my mails with this little thingy and my mobilephone. AND it has a keyboard (so i don't need this for gp). So what care about zodiac.
same here,i have a handspring Visor...

So the zodiac doesnt really interest me..and also the CPU will be conusmed by the OS running in the background so it isnt all that amazing, but i agree the RAM is better compared tothe gP32, but we're starting to modify it...
Can be arsded with the Zodiac.

Got and XDA, so have PDA and internet on the move.

Got a GP32, which is the mutts knackers when it comes to handheld gaming at the moment.

So I'm happy :D