Global Chip Shortage Threatens Production of Laptops, Smartphones and More


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Dec 14, 2012
ok. just ordered the cheapest brother printer. DCP-J1200W. no touchscreen. I like it already. yes linux drivers. thanks everyone.
Does it come with a power cable? Most electronics, to save the environment, have started shipping without a charger. Most modern printers do not include the USB cable anymore; they called it: Sold separately. And next year, cars will ship without wheels because "you could use your old car tires to save the environment". (and it has nothing to do with wheel shortages, promise!) ;)

Yeah I wondered about that, though I don't think the owner of said Windows computer wants to lose any features, and there's the scanning question too.
Not sure about the features you would lose (because yes, if you have a usb entry for selecting and printing photo's a network printer will change the way you do this), but scanning can be done using the sane daemon (and a bit of configuration). So CUPS + SANE is what you want. And it's not all that hard either...


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Oct 6, 2008
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I would expect his printer not to have a battery inside. I've not yet come across powered mains things without a mains lead (with included transformer if it doesn't actually run on mains).


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May 20, 2016
WTF. Some news make you think chips shortage is good news.

Turns out Serbs in in Kosovo don't pay their electricity bills because they don't recognize the Kosovo state and so mine crypto like crazy. Electricity costs little anyway because of coal power stations, and once the lights go dark on New Year because of mining, the government has to prohibit it (temporarily) and seize equipment.

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