Gp32 Flu For Sale

The Mole

Oct 29, 2003
I now have a newly fitted screen but the casing has a small almost unnoticeable chip when i removed the old screen, its not damages any part of the gp flu system or anything in anyway and the screen is perfect as i have just bought it.

I also have a 64mb smartmedia card which i can pre install anything on (mega drive emus, SNES emus, NES, emus)

I currently have a couple of GP32 home brew games on and what i think is the latest version of gigadrive (Mega Drive emu).

I will also include access to my Joy GP account which has 2 retail games purchased for download ( Dungeon and Guarder and Pinball Dreams both retail at about £5)

The unit is boxed with instructions and USB connection cable to install new games, apps, movies and MP3s.

I am looking for £80 + £8 special delivery.