Gpfm Avi Player

Well, it wouldn't open my movies that play fine in GPCine2 if that tells you anything. The author has included the bitrate settings in the readme file so I'm it's just a matter of configuring Virtualdub, though.
Erhm, it plays my xvid movies just fine, except the blu+ bar!

So his divx4.12 is more just a suggestion I think.

It seems very very simular to the gpcinema2 player, as they both playback and glitch in the same manner.
plays my 30 frames per second, but not at full speed
and I am using my favorite codec that everyone hates , RealMP4
wish the clock in the built in movie player was 166 mhz
also, does any firmware have a boot to this version option?

aquafish united gp viewer has a avi player too, but i haven´t test it yet
Mr spiv`s Multifw 1 or 2 with pacrom has a quicklaunch (autoload) option in it, So you can choose which program auto starts as soon as you switch on your GP32.

GPBios can have any .fxe or .bin automatically launched when the unit is turned on
it can also launch another 2 files depending on whether or not you hold down start or select.. and its got the korean firmware and darkfader's pc-link built in.