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Aug 15, 2012
France, near Lyon
Here is RE3, a reversed engineered engine for GTA III

You'll need the full data installation to play this. The Steam version of the game works. Simply copy all the "Grand Theft Auto 3" folder content into "appdata/gta3" folder.
The default config is adapted to the pyra (both in term of control and graphic config). Feel free to adapt (but be gentle with the graphic config or you'll have a slideshow of a game).

The first start of the game will convert the textures, wich takes a few minutes. It only happens once.

(there are a few graphics artefacts sometimes, not sure texture conversion is perfect, but it's largely playable)

History log

Build 02

  • Small change to default controls
  • Small change for initial texture conversion process
Build 01

  • Initial build
  • Default Pyra configuration included
Attached is diff from the re3 github repo for the pyra version. I used commit 3c5bae164f54ef3eb21d1f62aabbbb58939f14ab, and the tar.gz include diff for both re3 and vendor/librw


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I don't own this game (yet) but this looks really nice! Might buy :)

You must have a massive game library @ptitSeb
I do have much more games than I play... accumulating games in Steam, HB, GOG and for years now.
I remember buying GTA3 (and a few other) as part of some bundle a few years ago in prevision for this engine :p
Load Times are really fast, the game runs surprisingly well, only I had to map keys for changing weapons,
It’s a bit difficult to aim and I don’t found the key for second fire mode for the rocket launcher..
gunsgunsguns ^^
And it’s cool you can type cheats whit the build in keyboard, I just have to look for the other codes.,

There is GTA 3 San Andreas Port for the Vita. They did a lot of patching for the android version but it seems to run quite fast. The performance of the vita seems be around the pyra (slower CPU, less and slower RAM, don't know about the GPU). Maybe it is possible to port it to the pyra?

No it's not a recording artifact. GTA3 is quite a huge game, with A LOT of things going on (PC, physics engine, geomtery, lighting). It already pretty amazing how it runs on such device.
I can remember its also dropped the Framerate when i brought love and peace to the peaple on the PC Version...
Whit these Explosions (of Joy), its quite normal ^^
New build on the repo.
I tried to tweak a bit the control scheme, but didn't find any "secondary fire". You need to switch weapons for that. (try the (I) button?). You can also change the config in game, and send me the resulting re3.ini and I'll update the dbp with that.
Note that you need to remove the actual "appdata/gta3/re3.ini" for the new one to update.
I have also changed a bit gl4es parameter to try improve the texture process at first start. To regenerate the texture, remove "txd.dir" and "txd.img" from "appdata/gta3/models"
Build 02

  • Small change to default controls
  • Small change for initial texture conversion process