Handheld electronic games with Beethoven's "Für Elise" melody


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Oct 6, 2008
Vienna, Austria
Please feel free to post about any handheld electronic game (aka LCD games) from the 1980ies &1990ies, which featured Beethoven's Für Elise as its melody anywhere in the gameplay, that you are aware of. Thanks!

At best the full name of the game, manufacturer and the year of production. Links, audio/visual media or your personal story to it are very welcome! Googling for this so far was not very fruitful, therefore I post it here, as many of you are excellent experts of the video gaming history. I have a vague childhood memory of that melody sounding through the piezo speakers of such an LCD game, but I cannot recall neither a gaming title nor a gaming content.
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Not really handheld but the arcade game Pheonix apparently featured the tune. I also recall some BBC Micro game using the tune, but I can't bring to mind which game it was, merely the AY3 representation of the tune. I don't recall any handheld games using it, but once I had my home computers I didn't really bother with standalone games any more.
A blue "football"(soccer) LCD game. Got it loose from a swap from a classmate in ca, 1987 and swapped it later for a different LCD game. Maybe find it with the help of google. "Für Elise" was the melody of its in-built alarm clock.
Very close to this:

but without that black thingy around. The screen looks exactly the same tho.
Here in yellow: http://www.handheldmuseum.com/Unknown/index.html :
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