Hi everyone, I'm taking a bit of a risk ::GCW ZERO:: Ebay Clear out! cheap.. help me get a Pyra :-D


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Jun 2, 2010
::eek:nly once as I will likely get burnt pretty badly, but, curious enough to give it a go::

(also I hope this doesn't step on ED's toes, it's really just for Australians.. if so sorry ED feel free to remove..)

I've just listed on Ebay Australia a brand new GCW ZERO (buyer chooses colour) auction starting at 0.99c with free postage Australia wide..

no internationals please, unless your willing to pay postage, if so we can talk, buy it now remains at $180, still includes postage too,

for Australians that equals a bit of a bargain actually.. so if any Aussies out there are sick of waiting for their unit, I have them available..

also posting this same message to both the GCW ZERO Kickstarter forum and Dingoonity too..


I have 40 or so to get rid of and want a Pyra :-D
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