I Have A Idea. Why Dont Release A Pandora Slim Edition In Future

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Jun 22, 2010
Have you tried a virtual analog ANYTHING? It sucks, analog is analog, virtual analog just isn't :p.
Yeah i'm also a synth hardcore(Built a MIDIBOX SID, my only real analog and it's digitally controlled, bleh, starting to build DIY wholesome, nutty analog modules), so that goes towards sound also. Korg DS-10 was crap :D. That thought gave me a good idea! POTENTIOMETERS ON THE PANDORA! Or at the very least, rotary encoders? Digital, yeah, but it'd end up digital anyway. An awesome feature on the Pandora was the *real* volume wheel, that would provide perfect, precise and HI FIDELITY (I.e. you get the whole 24-bit range out) audio (as good as 24bit 192khz digital can get) :D I'm going off topic, so:

I agree that it would be nice to have a kind of PandoraBoard, a beagleboard like thing that instead has all of the Pandora's leet features, minus the LCD. Just wait until those who really want a *real* pandora get them, and the mass rush of people who have been watching open-pandora.org is over, and OP needs a new target audience to ensure sales, then worry about alternative pandoras. What i'd PREFER to see is, by the time Pandora 1 is all done, to have a pandora *2* with a newer OMAP and better sht :D. Pandora is the best it can be right now!


Mar 25, 2008
renejr902 said:
Noisome said:
The slim version of the Pandora is called the iPad Nano. When the iControlpad comes out, you then have the Pandora Slim.

it seem the iControlpad wont be released. am i right ?

Why do you say that? The iControlpad makers are the same makers of the Pandora. It'll come out in two months.
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