I Want To Buy Your Pandora


Still Fresh
May 2, 2010
Ok, I have a proposition I haven't seen anyone offer yet.
I'm interested in a Pandora, and am tired of waiting. I figure someone, somewhere, has theirs, doesn't use it as much as they'd like right now, but plans to, later.

I want to find someone who will let me buy their Pandora, now, in exchange for getting my (preordered) one, when it arrives. Ideally, I'd like not to pay full cost for the Pandora now, since you'll be getting mine, later, but since people may be suspicious, I'm willing to pay (a little) more than full price now, and then agree to sell you mine when it arrives, either at full price, or a little less.

Prices to be determined with interested parties.

Opinions? Interest? Offers?