I'm Confused!?


Still Fresh
Aug 23, 2006
Hello I'm trying to get my GP2X replaced and I have recieved a reply to my request, though it's confusing me well here it is.

Please return to us for testing, including your Order number below and
a brief note to explain the reason for the return, or print off this
Hello, I bought a GP2X a few months ago from gp2x.co.uk and until
recently It has been working fine. When I turned it on something blew
inside of it. Now it doesn't work with batteries or the power adapter.
I was wondering how I go about replacing my GP2X, I know it is under
warranty so I should be entitled for a replacement. If I am entitled
for a replacement please may I have one.

Does this mean I have to send my GP2X to them or does a courier come and take it. If I do have to send it back to them I don't see an address. (I have modified the E-mail slightly to protect privacy)