Installing SuperZaxxon beta 5a


Jun 20, 2011
I'm trying to install

I read and understand the instructions. I believe I'm following them correctly.

With an empty newly-partitioned (ext2) SD card, I am unable to get "Boot from SD1" to show.

I have tried reformatting (ext3) according to the wiki's Formatting SD cards. I saw no change.

The SuperZaccon beta 5 thread mentions "Panasonic SD Formatter" but there is no hint on where to find it.

I searched, and I found one thread which linked to's downloads page, but they in turn link to's download's page which does not give a Linux tool.

There are some other references out there to formatting an SD card in a special way, etc etc. I'm a little familiar with ssd formatting and alignment, but leaving free space at the beginning or end seems silly. I'd rather use an unpartitioned whole-disk SD card.

More specifically I need a tool which will run on the Pandora, as I currently have no mechanism to transfer files between my desktop and the Pandora.
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Format your card to FAT and then copy the files that are inside the zip
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